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nah man they're mediums, waist fits perfect and I like the bagginess but it's not as much in person or as normal sweats

have a nice taper too but not slim, other nike pants just have too big a hem which i hate

plus im saggin

edit - fuck now you got me thinking about the small, damn sf perfectionist mentality lol8[1].gif
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went to niketown on the east side and picked up the dri-fit tights. All the SA's were wearing them in different ways (zipped/unzipped/pulled up as capris/tucked into sneakers etc.) and and they generally looked really cool. Also a lot of the SA's are really really really cute smile.gif

also got to check out the tech fleece pack (the crewneck looked cool but was sold out in my size) and the hyperfeels/fk frees (a lot cooler in person IMO)

So bought them, wore them to the gym and then kept them out to a concert after. They were super comfy and i thought they looked pretty good paired with my free havens.

Tried them on under some of my other pants and it seems that they'll also be really good for layering under chinos on cold winter mornings.

Also waiting for what people are saying about the free 1.0's

Quick fitpic of the tights;

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So you bought dri-fit tights because you saw some girls wearing it in the store and thought it'd look good on you too?
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Male SA's had 'em on too.

The cute girls were just a bonus.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

went to niketown on the east side and picked up the dri-fit tights.

Those look good. Mind posting a link to them on
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i'm surprised those are even called tights and not just dri-fit pants.
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I am interested in those as well, would you say those are sized up? They do not look like tights.
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Me too. I thought they were pants till I saw them on the site
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I actually saw those at Dicks today. They were in the middle of stocking and moving the nike stuff around. I believe they just got them in.
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GraphicNovelty what's your inseam/height? Site says inseams are all 32" for smalls which makes me think they'll look sloppy since I'm a 30"
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i'm 5'6" with a 30 inseam. I'm wearing a medium. There's a few stacks but that doesn't really bother me.
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2014 Air Max


Flyknit Air Max
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Flyknit air max looks promising - want to see other colorways
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look to be tapered? lol8[1].gif

I need some pants in that knit dri fit like my old pants but either they're too baggy or too tight, and they always ruin with some stupid reflective strip by the ankle or some shit.
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