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don't like the gigantic sole on the roshes and they look preposterous in greater than size 9
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mine are 13 its the price i pay for gigantor cock
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Originally Posted by BBSLM View Post

Those Spiridons are my size.

Please buy them. I would live for them to go to a good home, have some foot flattening with my old age so they don't fit anymore,
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spiridons are super comfortable too, one of the best pre-lunar shoes for pure comfort. i blew out two pairs, love em.
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they do look pretty fucking cool
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Originally Posted by masshi View Post

so i got some hero blue roshe runs back when they came out. was really excited over the colorway when it was first announced, but now i'm thinking that roshe runs are kind of... ugly:

I like my Roshes but I think that color just looks bad.
was looking to return them and put the money into one of these instead:

so should i do that, or do roshe runs grow on you (i've never actually worn mine, just tried on)?

also, was leaning towards the grey pegasus's, but which colorway do y'all like?

or should i just use the roshe run money as a 'discount' towards the multi lunar 1's? eek.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

... or should i just wait since both of those shoes will probs go on sale? eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif

If you don't like your Roshes now, there's no point in keeping them.

I like most incarnations of the Pegasus, which was my daily sneaker in high school, but neither of those colorways are particularly interesting. I like this one though:

Also check out the Pegasus 83/30.
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Just copped that color way Pegasus, I'm a bit pissed the grey color way was never released in Europe.
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That's a pretty dope blue. Will keep my eyes peeled.
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They are already available in europe.
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Not in Europe. Nikes are hardly worth retail, much less having to proxy. I'll just have to be patient redface.gif
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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

Free Inneva Woven


Fucking do want.

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XTRAIN takes 20% off Nike Clearance. Makes Flyknit Lunars $103 and change.
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