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Thanks to octopanda's tip that the black flyknit trainers were on sale for $90 at Running Room, I called their customer service and they put their stock on their website. After shipping the shoes come out to $97. Their customer service was great by the way.

There is a size 9.5 black flyknit trainer still available. I picked up the last pair in 10.5, the same size as my Free 4.0 V2s. Hopefully they fit.

They have the volt trainers in 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 11.5, and 14
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Black pair is gone. Would've been my size too foo.gif
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Damn. Missed out
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A lurker on here probably picked them up. The shoes were only added to the website not too long before I posted it. I think this stock was from the uptown Minneapolis store. You can try calling the other stores to see if they have it for the same price.
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$118 out the door at Sports Authority. I love me some tax free weekend.

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Originally Posted by ac_slater View Post

$118 out the door at Sports Authority. I love me some tax free weekend.

Man, we ain't got that in CA frown.gif
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What you listed are EU 42,42.5 and 43.5 redface.gif
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Damn, the Spiridons and Safaris inlove.gif
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Thread Starter 
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Lol. I'm such a dumbass.
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so i got some hero blue roshe runs back when they came out. was really excited over the colorway when it was first announced, but now i'm thinking that roshe runs are kind of... ugly:

was looking to return them and put the money into one of these instead:

so should i do that, or do roshe runs grow on you (i've never actually worn mine, just tried on)?

also, was leaning towards the grey pegasus's, but which colorway do y'all like?

or should i just use the roshe run money as a 'discount' towards the multi lunar 1's? eek.gif

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

... or should i just wait since both of those shoes will probs go on sale? eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif
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Seems like you need to pour yourself a glass of bourbon and make this tough life decision on your own.

Roshes are comfy as hell I like mine a lot.
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yeah, they were definitely comfortable going off of the few steps i took in them in my room

but the way they look... eek.gif
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i think roshe are gorgeous I have 5 pairs. most comfortable shoes imaginable.
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Those Spiridons are my size.
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