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i assume top are tier 0 so whichever tier 0 stores that order them
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Pre Montreal Vintage Lunar Racer
I like these but Nike needs to pick better color combinations.
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Originally Posted by KenjiKen View Post

Hey guys any tips for some good basketball shoes?
Im thinking about the new hyperdunks but dont know at this point. 

Definitely give the 2012 Hyperdunks a try, I've been hearing really good things about it. They seemed comfortable when I tried it.
If you're looking for something light and aren't limited to Nike, the AdiZero series for Derrick Rose is insanely light.

For me personally, my next basketball shoe is probably some Jordan ALpha from NikeID since it looks like I am playing in AJI's and I've always wanted to play in those classic shoes. Plus other freak out seeing it on court, to them it's like seeing other play in chucks. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Sole is clear red.
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So Nike runners are okay but not New Balance?
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I would say they are fairly different aesthetics. American's are fucking crazy about nikes though, everyone here wears them. Soccer mums, white trash dads, upper class, middle class, kids, college students.

Regardless, can't wait for the flyknit second drop, colourways are just as good. If anyone is letting go of some grey woven mayfly's in a 9 get in touch!
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Originally Posted by lemmywinks View Post

So Nike runners are okay but not New Balance?

Who said that?

This is a Nike thread.
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don't worry he's just a clueless lemming
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Really like these "vintage" blazers. I like the thin suede and the lower profile sole.
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I would totally cop blazers with the old style toecap (forget what they're called) but those no. I don't know why they ruined them.
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I think you are looking for the All Court mids.
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Went to the Nike store tonight at Caesar's Palace. Had some lower sizes in all colorways of the Flyknit Trainers. Nothing in a 12 though for me. cloud.gif They're even cooler in person than sneakerhead pics.

Said the Volt had sold out the fastest, had the most of the red/orange combo. May be willing to proxy if anyone is still looking.
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I think the Volt colorways are selling out because of the Olympics exposure, it's the only colorway the US Olympians wore. I've been reading that Niketowns are getting re-stocks now so it seems I still have some hope.

Outside of the black&white colorway I tried to order from Finishline last week:

I hope to find a pair of this white/black colorway too, it would be much better if Nike put black soles on these though:

They also have a colorway for NYK fans?
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the black and grey one is the best

not the all courts, some old blazers had this toecap http://www.nikeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Nike-Blazer-Mid-Premium-White-White-5.jpg which is superior to the stan smith looking toebox, i still don't know what the deal is with this variance
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Finally got a pair of Flyknits, called a Fleet Feet by my area and asked about a black pair and the SA said they had a pair. I go into the store and it turns out it is the black and volt pair. I initially didn't like it in pics because I have the volt Pegasus and that thing is really bright but the flyknits being combined with black really tones it down and I must say, the shoe looks much better in person as a whole. Feels real comfortable too. Good thing I got to try them on in-store first though, I initially tried a size 10 and that felt a bit long so I got a 9.5 and that is just about perfect.

Outside of walking into the store and seeing the black colorway of the flyknits (I'm not going to chase a pair) and the white uppers/black sole FR3, I think that is it for Nikes with me for this year until the Lunar Flyknits come out early next year.
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