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Originally Posted by linds_15 View Post

still a collector here, just slowed down. flynits are great though, bought a pair for an upcoming trip. incredibly comfy

You will love them. I was in NYC last month and I rocked my FK's for the whole week. 

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I think I could walk a hundred miles in frees. My cousin's girl took some michael kors shoes she never wore with her to spain, they got lost one day having to walk for miles and her toe started bleeding lol8[1].gif

Just about the dumbest thing you could do when visiting europe is to not wear comfy runners.
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I have to remember that the next time I go.
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struck out this morning on the black grapes
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I stopped collecting jordans a long time ago.

unfortunately the quality is terrible.

Lets all figure out how to get the Yeezy 2s in red! lol

but i'm serious
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Speaking of collecting. facepalm.gif

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Jesus. One of the kids in my class this year is like this...and then there are 20 others who try to be, but just can't...its all about having the cash...look at where that kid lives. The kid who is the big time sneaker head comes from money, they kids who can't get in on the game but want to, don't. Just like life I guess.
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I love that they say "their own money", yeah right.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

I love that they say "their own money", yeah right.
lol. starts with "he makes purchases with his own money", and then goes to a shot of him in a big house in the burbs with his 27" imac and gets into the back of his dads audi...
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haha i had a friend like that in college, he wasn't rich or anything nor did he collect sneaks but he'd be like i paid off my credit card and i'm like ya with the allowance you get from your dad right? lol8[1].gif
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I thought that was the old nightline vid. Thats recent as last week. 



At 32, I have had step back. I cant be associated with what lil boys are doing. 

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Not that different from what goes on in SF, amirite? I mean, spoo bought a Ferrari from flipping swag of a different nature.

Although I'm skeptical that this kid's strategy will always result in a profit...he's reselling from a reseller most of the time, unless he keeps finding idiots who always sell below market value
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RE: resellers and sneakers. I'm not mad at them one bit. I did it a bit in high school and college. There were a handful of OG cats who paid for their college tuition via reselling. The worst I've seen was a scuffle at NTLA during the Espos and Pharrell Dunks in 2004. Came back empty handed too.

It's been getting too serious in the last years with kids getting stuck up and even worse, killed.
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i just wish nike/jordan would make more shoes of the pairs I do want so that it wasn't so difficult.

i only have an issue with the resellers that buy to make like $20 bucks after ebay fees, that's when it's annoying.
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the foamposites are horrible.

The best thing about this is there are some great shoes that you can get on sale since all the kids are looking for the limited stuff.

the dunks that just came out in the jordan bred and blue/black colors were an awesome buy. They look like the jordans and have the same silohuette and nobody knows until they really looks at them.
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