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RFX what you think about these?

i saw this pair in person. the color is just great and i cannot get over it
same model or a different one you can suggest?

and another pair of MTRL

I'll try to pickup some flyknits if I ever get my hands on a pair I like
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I'm biased, I have the grey/red FR3.

Hows the MTRL stretching to your feet btw? Last time you mentioned it being too tight?
I'd definitely give the FR3 a try for both working out just casual wear. I'd suggest the white upper/black sole FR3 but I think you mentioned before that you didn't like that combo so I'd suggest the all grey version or the same colorway pattern as your MTRL:
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I'm probably years behind on this, but where the fuck to kop gyakusou or otherwise awesome running tights for actual running?

Yoox, NDC, Y! and ebay. It's also nice to see you join us here in our awkward corner of SW&D.

I happened to stop by NTSF before seeing William Gibson earlier. I was looking for the Tech Knit Soccer pants(tapered below the knee) but they're completely out just like everywhere else. They didn't have any all black Windrunners either. I think Eastbay is the only place that might still have them but in women sizes. Not sure if the cut is different :\ But yeah, if you see either of those online or can proxy an XS/S please let me know.

I also came home to my Flyknits(I've been wearing the Roshes for the past few days):

I'd say they fit TTS. You might be able to go down half a size if your feet aren't wide.

Also gotta see those suede and speckled FR3s in person. I still want to wear em with the DWR Twill Terrain chinos.
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nineohtoo: NICE!

The MTRL feel better but I use no insole at all.

"Super" light weight I suppose and without the insole at all it feels pretty close in both fit and touch relative to striking at the ground when walking/running.
I actually don't experience any pain except if I press at the edge near my pinky toes.

I really like the shape though, which is why I am considering another pair. You wouldn't recommend any other model? I think aside from the Flyknit iterations I am not too keen on the rest or too interested. You were the one who pointed the MTRL my direction so thumbs up to you! fistbump.gif

I may pickup the white MTRL instead of another black but the former just looks so much better IMO. At this point just trying to diversify the color--2 black and 2 gray basically. But the MTRL is a backup pair I'm going to stock up on. So, need another relatively inexpensive black pair...saw a pair of those Lunarlon sole in black/white sole for $70 at the outlet. May pick those up.

Shit I'm going to turn into you and pickup 4 pairs all at once lol

I mean the Lunarglide 3 in black upper and white sole for $70 at the outlet
Nike%20LunarGlide%203%20Shiled%20Black%20White%204854164%20017%20Mens%20Running%20Shoes_05.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Oh was another model recommendation an option? I thought you only wanted to choose between the FR3 in different colorways or another MTRL.

What are you looking for in the new pair? For working out or more casual walking?
I'd suggest you give the Free Haven a try, after doing plyo with it, I am in-love with it.
I think the shoe looks pretty damn nice too (not my pic below).
2qia64i.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Oh and I'd definitely get those Lunarglide3 if given the choice, it's one of my favorite running shoes. Free Havens would be better as an overall workout shoe though, for walking/running, the Lunarglide4 is the better choice.
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Sort of want this knitted windrunner hoody, too bad it's womens only.
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I own those same Free Havens and I use them for general working out.

Good shoes. They run a .5 size small.
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RFX and other experts - What are your views on the lunarspider lt+2?


Basically I am not a hardcore runner, but want to get them in a b/w color scheme for jogs and mostly walking around town. Are they too "specialist" for those purposes?
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i got the montreals in 12, little tight so ordered the 12.5 (yay zappos) and will compare. what's the stretching like on these toasty?
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I have not experienced stretching too much around the vamp area, which is where my foot tends to be tight against the outer edge of the shoe.
The shoe itself near the end of the toe box and vamp area is alleviated and despite it being mesh, does not seem to stretch much. This is especially true if you wear the insole as well as it causes your in-step to elevate a bit higher so your side of the foot hits the side of the shoes more as a tighter fit (more so if you are flat foot or minimal arch).

I think it will take a lot of wear and tear to stretch it out similar to my Free 1's, which seem quite big now in comparison. This is a good thing I suppose as it is testament to the shoes integrity.
FWIW my Free 1's are still holding up well in the upper but the sole is quite worn down now, which is why I am picking up some new shoes. I'm afraid of slipping.

I like those johanm btw, looks good for urban settings. Where to kop? Looks like very old model from 1 or 2 seasons ago.
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Lunarspider LT 2 can be had at NikeID and I am not sure you can find them anywhere else outside of old stock. The one posted looks like the Gyakusou version so that might be even more difficult to find.

I think the LunarSpider LT2 can handle long runs but probably not the most ideal. The LT does stand for lightweight training from what I understand so it should be able to handle quick runs (5k-10k) before it starts hurt your feet? It's more cushioned than the racing shoe LunarSpider R2/R3 but also heavier and I would not exactly consider it a specialist shoe for sprinters, I think you can run in them as hobby w/o a problem w/o doing any marathons.
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Got those free havens when they first came out they were decent, ended up returning and keeping the frees. Good stability, didn't like the toebox shape and shoe just looked huge in an 11.

Synth do the flyknits look huge on the feet?
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Yah my size 10 Free Havens looks longer than it should be.

Quick LunarSpider ID, simple but I like it.
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Suddenlee said they are able to locate all the Flyknits over at NSW 21 Mercer in NY lol
I wonder what they actual turn out with after their visit. They should get back to me later today or tomorrow.

Jet you should check it out.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Got those free havens when they first came out they were decent, ended up returning and keeping the frees. Good stability, didn't like the toebox shape and shoe just looked huge in an 11.
Synth do the flyknits look huge on the feet?

Embrace big footedness. I rock 14's in Nikes and have no issues with any of those shoes.
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