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^ I want to see "oreo" One mids too. I'd wear them with a black calf suede TOJ 2010DR nod[1].gif
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Has anyone had any luck coppin the inneva woven SPs? They've been selling like hot cakes off caliroots and endclothing frown.gif
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Flyknits last night while at SXSW. 


These shows are simply amazing. I was able to walk all night and my knees never gave me a problem till this am.








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Love my pair.

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I, too, love my pairs...

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Does anyone still have the solarsoft woven moccasin in stock? I've been travelling and the release snuck by me.

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i need these in my life. not tryin to pay the 200 titlo wants



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Looks like they aren't going with the Free Run name anymore, just a standard 3.0, 3.0 hybrid, 5.0, 5.0 hybrid, etc....

Free 5.0 Woven

Free 5.0 EXT

Bunch of Frees on NikeID too:,pwp,c-1+100701/f-10002+4294872369
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Was going to get the OG Huarache, but settled on these and saved 100 dollars or so. Plus need some new Frees as well.
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Does anyone actually run in the fk lunars?  Feels almost wrong just cause of how beautiful they are.

I still have yet to break them in though.  Or decide if I want to keep the original laces or the camo.


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just got these.. they're nice, but kinda pricey.. 


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looks like i wont be getting any frees
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Originally Posted by ExAngel View Post

just got these.. they're nice, but kinda pricey.. 



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Do you dudes rock the Nike Frees or Roshes with no socks? Thinking about getting a pair for the summer when I'm out sightseeing and stuff.

One of the XIIIs came in today. I wanted the OGs back in middle school, but $150 for a pair of kicks was out of the question back then. Childhood memories fulfilled.

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