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that sucks frown.gif
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

WOW. Finishline cancelled my Flyknit orders because I had it shipped to a different address from my billing. Terrible service overall too, no e-mails about the order either, I had to check the order myself and just saw it was cancelled. If I didn't bother checking I might be waiting for a package that'll never come. Their customer service is shit too, the SA I spoke to could care less about helping out.

Mine was cancelled too. Different billing and shipping addresses as well.
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Now on the look out for these:


Also sucks that you guys got your orders cancelled. I'm sure there was more of a glitch than anything. While having lunch in the Marina yesterday, I saw Fleet Feet had a huge flyknit display in the window and had both volt trainers and racers inside as well as a pair of the black/white trainers on display. I didn't inquire on sizing though because they were pretty busy, and I still have my pair on the way. Now I just need to decide if I want the white ones too :\
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I like those
where 2 kop?
and fleet feet is in SF? may check out
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ShoeZeum relocated to Vegas... that dude is crazy.

His old SD location:
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Having just discovered this thread, I am very excited.

And also torn. My nikes had always just been "running shoes" and never true "fashion" items - not one to wear trainers w/ denim. Much to learn I have.

What? - I'm not a sneakerhead.

Thoughts on something like this?

Nike5 Gato Especial (USA)
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Good taste ^



I would wear for both training & casualty. 

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Gray footwear never looks good IMO


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I really like those.  As I've said before, I don't like any of Nike's "modern" running shoes, so the vintage-y look of those really appeal to me.

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Thanks rfx, not feeling any of those. I do really like the white ones/black sole.
I read flyknits are running .5 size bigger than frees.

jet your sizing advice was spot on. im a 9 on the brannock and went half size down for flyknits and TTS for frees

i have the flyknits in 8.5

and now the free 3.0 in 9
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Need those white ones and the gyakusou ones, now there's fucking 12 dus at my gym with the exact same electric blue ones so sick of all these fucking biters.

was scrolling through thread.......

started wearing my bright yellow 2's to my uni's gym last semester......only guy with anything like it. within 1 month at least 10+ dudes with bright yellow shoes. i said f it and started wearing my hightop converse again, baldy[1].gif
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Originally Posted by nycxandy View Post

Mine was cancelled too. Different billing and shipping addresses as well.

lol, my shipping and billing was different also, but my order has already shipped. dunno what happened with your order
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i find that staying the same in the flyknit trainers was good for me. 8.5 flyknit trainer, 8.5 free 3.0 v4 and free run+ 1 in 8.5
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Thread Starter 
I'm still pissed at missing out on the flyknit, so close...

Anyways, new rotation for running/work-out.

Returned the LunarGlides and got the Free Haven and it is miles and beyond better. I also like it better than the Free Trainer 5.0. Much closer to the ground and more stable, it also has a thin lining and somewhat of a no seam/stitch upper so it's a bit more comfortable. The designs on the Free Trainer 5.0 bends and creases by the designs and kind of pushes down on the foot and can be irritating at times. This is my favorite trainers at the moment.

Bright as fuck but damn these Pegasus 29s are comfortable. I didn't mind the volt colorway because this will be strictly running and this should help with safety when running at dawn or dusk. This feels more cushy than the LG4. I pretty much have 3 levels of running show: Barefoot = FreeRun2/3, Extra Cushy = Pagasus29 and right in the middle is the LunarGlide4.

Bought these Huarache mainly for just kicking it/chilling or occasional runs and Plyo/HIIT and just a shoe for going/leaving the basketball courts. Not bad at all, the upper is like a sockliner so it really hugs your foot and locks it in place. Surprisingly, these might work good for cross training too because of how locked down it feels, sole is a bit high but that is just probably the looks, it's a 5.0 as well iirc.
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argh. missed the UPS man yesterday. won't be getting my flyknits until tuesday now. damn holiday.
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