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9.5 should be fine
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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post

Anyone suggest sizing on the Jordan 5's that were released last month

My sizes are as follows
Converse 9
CP: 41
MMM 42
Frees 9.5
F+B: 42
Lanvin 7
Blanc and Noir: 42
New Balance 9

You must have narrow feet. 9 will be fine. I'm a 9.5 in Converse, 42 in CP/B&N, 10.5 in Frees (wide feet) and I could squeeze into a 9 in V's (9.5 being my more appropriate size).
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Naw Pretty normal feet. Actually I have to buy 8.5Wide in some Allen Edmond Models! Damn going to get them off fleabay, so I hope to nail the sizing down on the first try!
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9 for sure.
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I'm a 10.5 in all Jordans and an 11 in all Free's... So i would go with a 9 if I were you.
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I can't keep up with Nike anymore. It's like they're on a mission to bankrupt everyone this year.
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Can someone please do a proxy for me???? I need those pinks!
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Nice. Wish RW had the black and whites
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If I wear a size 9 in the Free Runs would I also be a 9 in the Flyknits?
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You'd be 8.5 flyknit
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Originally Posted by Leather View Post

You'd be 8.5 flyknit

Flyknit trainers. If you are talking the new HTM Chukkas or FK lunar 1 you are the same size as free.
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Two questions. I always remember Nike shoes being a lot more narrow than other brands, does that still hold true? Also, for running should I be looking at the Flyknits or Lunars?
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I picked these up not too long ago for about 68 bucks shipped(usually about $110). Lunarglide 4 Shield(reflective and waterproof)

I am a valet parker so I usually tear through shoes very fast so I hope these hold up a bit(usually go with New Balance 991, 992, and now 993) but the waterproof feature(since its snowboard/ski season I get a lot of snow melt in my work area) and price on these made me try Nike out again. First week of use the top of my feet hurt like hell, but have since adapted and feel good(I was previously using a barefoot style New Balance so the muscle use probably switched going back to a "real" shoe


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Besides all the free runs and whatnot,

are there any nike basketball shoes you guys wear? 

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