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Does anyone know when Nike stopped making clothing in the USA? I found a Nike ACG pullover sweatshirt at goodwill made in the USA and I'm trying to find out range for years it could of been made in.



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^ photos of the clothing tag and actual sweatshirt may help.

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Originally Posted by mistersparkle View Post

^ photos of the clothing tag and actual sweatshirt may help.


here you go!

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Anyone with experience with the Transform 2-in-1 jacket?

looking for a lightweight waterproof/resistant shell with a hood with minimal branding, and this looks like it would fit the bill.

Being in texas, I most likely wouldn't need the fleece liner, but kind of nice to have as an option. lightweight is key.

@Rais gave me a good rec of the hyper shield light, and I've been keeping watch of those on the 2nd hand market, but liking the all black of this Transform jacket.

Input appreciated, or if you have any other suggestions in the $200 ballpark, would love to hear them. other light shells I'm looking at are the nanamica light cruiser, Isaora light windbreakers (if any were to pop up), then veilance on deep discount, or 2nd hand.

Thanks in advance

*edit* I have already posted in the Technical Outerwear thread as well, and got a few leads there. Would like to know from the Nike heads if there are other models I'm overlooking. Are any of the Gyakusou running shells waterproof/resistant?
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Where to kop?
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not sure, release is this month i think. "select nike retailers"
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Do want
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Its a womens release..
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it's a women's release?

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All those colours look good to me. See if I can grab a pair for my sister, she loves her white AF1 Mids.

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Oh okay. Thx
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anyone cop the Cyber Monday 3s?

i just tried them on and they're mad comfy.

Didn't pull the trigger (yet) because do I really need another pair of sneakers?
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Dumb question but in a lot of product shots the shoes are laced but you don't see them tied. I figure that with most shoes they tuck the laces into the shoe or tie it behind the tongue right? But how about the shoes with the sock construction like the lunar epic, magista, zoom all out, etc?
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