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Is this something non-bots have a chance at?

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These seem a lot more hyped than the LF1's were but I still feel (hope) that one or two of the colours will be dismissed by the masses, at least for a little while.
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Originally Posted by Fycus View Post

What time are their drops usually?

10am EST I think? Sometimes early to mid afternoon. You can follow their Twitter to make sure you don't miss out:
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They're also up on the Acronym site, not sure if they'll be getting sold there though.
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Got my olives from the Acronym site drop yesterday. Would highly recommend erring on the larger side if you're between sizes.


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is it typical Presto sizing, no halfsies?

or is it t-shirt sizing?
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Olive Presto are ace
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The selections on the Acronym site were the t-shirt ranges (mine are "10-11").

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What size do you wear in vans, cp, new balance etc?
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11 Vans

11 Stan Smith

11 Chucks

11 in older Nike (AM90, etc)

11.5 in modern Nike runners (Flyknit Racers, Free Runs)


I was going to get an 11-12, but they sold out really quickly so I gambled on the 10-11. They fit, but they're pretty snug (especially since I've been wearing fairly roomy Flyknit Racers most days). I might try for an 11-12 for the US release and try to get my cost back on the 10-11.

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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

I ended up getting the Oly colorway on steep discount and gave them a few runs. As much as I wanted to love this shoe, it didn't do it for my foot. Heel kept sliding forward in the shoe because of the lack of padding to hold it in one place. Running on the Air Zoom units was great, springy, and enjoyable, but my foot was moving forward and backward with in the shoe, in spite of the ankle sock. Returned.

EDIT: Going back and watching that video, I agree with a lot he's saying about a lack of stability while in motion.
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^ ^ ^

Yah I need that black/grey pair on deep discount for casualwear

Deep Burgundy Footscape Magistas

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Nike SB / 917 blazer low GT

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Based off social media hype it seems like everybody wants the olive acrnm Presto so hopefully that means i can swoop the pinks easier.
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