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Olivier Rousteing x NikeLab Collection

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Superfly Mercurial and Magista Footscape hopefully they aren't womens only)

Roshe Tiempo VI and Free Hypervenom 2

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Another all Nike outfit today.



Nike Tech Knit Pocket

Nike Woven V442

Nike KD8 Elite

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triple black and all white prestos this summer


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@Rais, you pull of Nike pants well, most tends to look baggy or the thighs too baggy with diaper effect and the calves too tight.

What headphones do you have on?

And those KD8 Elites look good icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif waiting for them to hit the outlets though.

New KD9s looks promising.

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You guys who got carnivores, did you size up from flyknit?  Wondering if sizing up might fit some of the fit issues?

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@RFX45 Thanks, headphones are Sony NWZ-WS610.

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Originally Posted by leeba View Post

You guys who got carnivores, did you size up from flyknit?  Wondering if sizing up might fit some of the fit issues?

I went TTS on my pair. As RFX mentioned, I believe it is a design flaw. Having both the leather insert as well as the inner sock makes for "too much" in the shoe and the insert does not even fit (footbed of the insert extends past the end of the sock footbed) when placing it into the sock and not into the shoe.

I doubt sizing up will make a difference when trying to wear both the leather insert and the sock insert in the shoe. It fits fine with just one or the other placed into the shoe.
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Zoom Mercurial Superfly Spiridon

According to SNEAKERS ADDICT, the kicks will be limited to just nine pairs and will hit the Palais of Speed on the final day it’s open — complete with exclusive packaging designed by Parisian artist Ugo Gattoni.

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^ ^ ^

Looks like it will get w wider release on a later date too, the limited edition has engravings and bespoke box designed by Ugo Gattoni.

Also releasing are a blk/wht pair of Magistas and more Navy Superfly-Mercurials
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Those are all great (esp magistas).
Decided all I'm buying from Nike from now on is mercs and magistas.
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Acronym Prestos



The pink/volt pair is so dope
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Zoom All Out

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Can't' believe I struck out on the flu games
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

The navy versions hit the outlets for about $40-$45 a week or two before it released on NikeLab. Really not sure what the difference is but overall the design wasn't thought all the way through. It has a separate sockliner but it makes the shoes too tight and impossible to put on if you use it with the insole. It's still tight even if you remove the insole, not only that but you also lose some cushioning and comfort.

Second option is to wear it without the sockliner and it'll almost be like wearing sandals, which is good for the summer I guess but I am not even entirely sure they were meant to be worn like that but it seems to be the only way to wear it comfortably. It's a good looking shoes especially with the sockliner on but it should have been executed well.

That's my two cents on why it might be sitting, well along with it coming out in outlets at ~75% discount before it came out.


I low-balled a guy on eBay for a brand new black pair and they arrived today. You were right these shoes are incredibly flawed on a fundamental design level. They are not wearable out of the box; both the insole and the sock liner are particularly bad but the rest of the shoe is abysmal in material quality as well. They'd have to be the worst sneaker I've ever owned, and that includes a $7 pair of Kmart runners which actually have more grip, better breathability and comfort than these. Luckily my LunarEpics came with a spare 4mm insole and they fit  inside perfectly, making them bearable to wear with the sock liner in. They look nice, the stitching and construction seems good (I had a pair of Huaraches that were much worse put together than these) and the strap system makes them quick to take on and off (though not as quick as FlyKnits), but they are bottom of the barrel in pretty much every other regard. Anyone else thinking of picking these up, I'd avoid even for $50. They really are that bad.

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