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If you want to give it a try, offers a 30-day trial, you can return any shoes in any condition within that time period if you end up not liking them.
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Bad pic, but Roshes really can survive anything :laugh:

Personally still like them, even though I'm well-aware they aren't exactly the most popular shoe around the forum.

Lightweight, comfortable, inoffensive design and very cleanable, they are just about the perfect summer shoe imo.

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Yeah I take advantage of the 30 day returns and have sent back used stuff before. Thanks guys, gonna try them out.
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I used to like my Roshes a lot, KoY. I think mine got to that condition after a few months of heavy use. They are really comfortable.


Took a pic of my LunarEpics today. Removed the laces and blacked out the swoosh.


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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Actually I just got the Tennis and AF1 FKs to compare, one is going back...maybe...

Side by side I still prefer the tennis. They are both food looking though.
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I think I'm going to stick with the AF1s, it feels a bit more comfortable. The Tennis Classic has this weird cork-looking insole that is more like a cheap pillow, feels like a very dated tech and that is in comparison to the regular Nike insole the AF1 has. The thicker soles probably helps the AF1 a lot in the comfort department too, the ultra midsole just works better on a thicker midsole. It's $20 more but it does come with a better slide out box, mesh gym sack and metal lace tips. It's the small things that gets you biggrin.gif

And Roshes are a good go to shoes, I still have one always lying around when I need something for quick errands. I think it had some initial hate because it was a hypebeast shoe there for a while, selling out like it was some retro Jordans but that has since calmed down. Or the hype just moved on to Adidas' Ultra Boosts and NMD but for Roshes retailing at ~$60, makes it difficult to argue for it,it's just a nice and simple pair of shoes.

Nice quick customs Rais lol8[1].gif , check out some angelus paint though if you want to take it further and look cleaner. And I am really considering the LunarEpics for the 10k and half marathon I am running in November.

Also, Air Foamposite Pro “Hyper Cobalt” releases in August and sort of want...

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I had the foamposites when they were new, I remember they were the first sneaks to crack the $200 barrier. I was so excited to get them and couldn't get over how ugly they were on my feet so I ended up selling them.

Also hated how the laces go down to the toes.
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Originally Posted by Rais View Post

I used to like my Roshes a lot, KoY. I think mine got to that condition after a few months of heavy use. They are really comfortable.

These are about 3 years old :laugh:


Looking at possibly getting some air rifts for this summer though (the common black/magenta version).

Usually wear a uk9 in shoes, which everywhere except nike afaik is 43 but for Nike it's for some reason a 44.

Anyway, anyone with rifts who can tell me if I should I go true to size with rifts?

(If anyone has roshes to compare with that'd be swell, mine are uk9.5)

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I wear rifts in the same size as my other Nikes
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i think swoosh-less jordan 1 highs would've looked pretty cool, especially in that penis colorway on the left
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Went full Nike today.



Nike Tech Fleece 1mm (chopped the sleeves)

Nike Pro Combat Hypercool base layer

Nike Bonded pants

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit

Nike NSW Eugene Cheyenne 2000 backpack

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nice! I was wondering where you got a quarter sleeved tee with hand warmers before I scrolled down :lol

NikeLab ACG 2016 Summer Lookbook

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Those sandals are pretty out there. The tee in that outfit looks cool.

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It's the NikeLab Free Rift Sandal

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holy shit
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