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Loafer help!

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Hello folks,


I need some recommendations as to which loafer to get. Don't laugh at me but I've been wearing sneakers and running shoes almost all the time and I want to make a change for a better. I am looking for a penny loafer that is dressy-casual (more to casual wear) that can match with my khaki/chinos pants and shorts.


I have a budget around $USD200


I've been in the world of just-wear-running-shoes-everyday for far too long so I need your help or guidelines for picking a good loafer.


Also, I've read that square-toes are bad. So are these too much?

Are square toes really that bad? I'm quite lanky so I feel that a slight squareness helps with the look of weight.



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Depends what colour you want--leather or suede.

Can't go wrong with these:


Square toes, 99% of the time, make you look like a dork.
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Thanks JapanAlex, should be steering to the right direction now since my eyes have been tainted with trash over all these years ...

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Allen Edmonds Sedona might fit the bill, you can also look at a more dressy one, the Presidio by Allen Edmonds
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I think I might scrap the idea of loafers since I have flat foot and I need to use orthotics ...

Any ideas folks?

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I put orthotics in Bass and Sebago loafers no problem.

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yeah if you have very flat feet most loafers not going to work for you or look good as your foot will flatten out where the arch should be and distort the shape of the shoe.
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