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Should I pay $695

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For this Barrett Shoe?

It is the one right on the front page. I can't seem to find anywhere. But I know where to order. It seems for that money I can get another pair of Vass..etc. I LOVE the way the Barrett fits. But I am not sure that it is worth full retail.
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OK..did I say something wrong? Alot of folks have looked but nobody cares to comment? I love the Barrett Shoe but just not sure it is worth the bread!
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I'm not familiar with Vass, and have no idea whether they're ever discounted. The search function may yield some info.
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There are probably not many people who have experience with Barrett on this board - asking over in AAAC might get more responses. I have a pair of Barrett wingtips that are well made that I enjoy, but I wouldn't have paid more than $200 for them (I won them on ebay for $150 new).

I didn't know they sold shoes that were up around $700 though. Do they have different lines that vary in construction and quality perhaps?
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The price you quoted is full retail. Most SF members are bargain hunters, looking for shoes at 1/3 of their original price. I owned only one pair of Barrett, (loafers which I loved), so my personal experience is limited. Also, since most forum members are biased towards English shoes, Barrett is not mentioned frequently.
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See..that is the problem..I love their shoes...I WANT that specific shoe but know of nowhere that sells that model so I can't wait for a sale! The only way to get it is to order it and pay the full retail. I have Greens, Weston, Gravati, Alden and other Barretts but I got most on sale. I too am a bargain hunter. Not really sure what to do. I was hoping someone would chime in and say..."Oh yeah you can get those at..."
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Originally Posted by jjgold
Should I pay $695 for this Barrett Shoe?

Unless it's a perfect fit issue, no.
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Sky Valet down here in DC sells Barrett and, as of last weekend, was taking 15% off the price. I'm not sure if they carry the model you want to buy or what they charge if they do, but it's worth a call.
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You may also want to try Albert at:

L'Equipe Uomo
Address : 1450, rue Peel, Montréal, QC H3A 1S8
Telephone : 514-499-1242

He is often willing to deal a little, I am not aware if he has that shoe,
but he does stock Barrett.
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Thanks alot Zeg...I will look into that referal.
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Just tried him. No success.
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Noone can really answer your question. If an item is worth it to you and you absolutely love it, than buy it. Last season a saw a RLPL trench that I had to have, which I did at a retail price of 1495. I've since seen several coats that were close in detail to the PL coat I own at much less than what I paid retail but I'm still glad I got it.

It sounds like you really want these shoes so I think you should buy them at retail. You will not regret the decision when they arrive and are on your feet. Should you take anymore time in making this decision, the opportunity may have passed you by.

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Barrett are nice shoes, but they belong in the $400-$500 retail range and are overpriced for the quality at $695. I'd check into Borgioli and Martegani for comparable shoes (better in some respects actually) for less $$
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