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i failed gents. purchased a few shirts from jcrew, cufflinks, ordered 3 shoes, 1 mtm suit ordered, and 3 belts from equus.
congrats to those who succeeded! I failed in the last 2 weeks


If you are going to fail, fail epically. As a friend once said to me when I had a Nicole Fahri jacket, with my iPhone and several transport cards (Oyster, Octopus and Limited Edition Suica), and around 500rmb stolen from a night-club in China whilst stupidly stupidly drunk, when I stupidly left my jacket on a stool near the exit, when trying and failing miserably pulling a Chinese chick.

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Well guys it has been fun. Shoes shined, and challenge complete.

Me too. Shined a couple of pairs of shoes and washed and ironed about a dozen shirts and three pairs of strides. Didn't spend a penny on anything sartorial. Count me out for October MoL, I will enjoy my newly gained liberation and may join you all back in November.

Free at last!
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Challenge Completed. Mission Over.

Anyone that still needs to ring in, please do so. I will type out a final scorecard on Tuesday.
The September 2012 Challenge is now over.......

To those who want to try for the October 2012 Challenge, proceed here:
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Ended the month with nary a black mark on my credit card statement. I may see if I can stretch this into October as I was profligate in August: a suit and shirt from Chan, a pair of formal trousers from Nick Lopez and a grosgrain bow tie.
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I regret to say that I failed. I bought a pair of shoes from Kent Wang. The club still helped me do better than I would have during a typical month.

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I posted earlier this morning in the October thread that I was able to make it through the month.

Thanks all for the support. It was helpful to have brothers across the world going though the same thing.

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I survived!

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