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Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post

I'm still in, but just pondering where dry cleaning fits in the oath. I have a couple of pairs of strides that have marks, the sooner they are sent to the cleaner the more relaxed I will be that the marks will come out, but I can wait another week if it means sacrificing my unblemished record to this point!

This may fall under "emergency funds." Since there is a possibility that the stains will set and not come out if you wait, I would go for it.

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Originally Posted by msulinski View Post

This may fall under "emergency funds." Since there is a possibility that the stains will set and not come out if you wait, I would go for it.

Hmmm ...

Unblemished NPC record or unblemished pants. It's a quandary!biggrin.gif

Timo is there not a Suitsupply local to you? I thought they were all over Europe, aren't you in Germany?
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I'm in all likelihood going to fall at the final hurdle (weekend), as I need to buy a few shirts from Harvie & Hudson and a tie from Drakes. I'll also pop into Duchamp and Ede & Ravenscroft to look at sports coats.

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NOTICE: This is now the home stretch.
Sunday September 30, 2012 at midnight (your local time) is the Finish Line. Hold strong me boy-o's...

Please also remember to ring in with any / all spending (itemized) if you haven't already.
If you should finish without spending, please state as such. I wish you all luck for the remainder of the journey.
I will also remind you all that Item 2 of this challenge requires you all to perfrom some form of home maintenance on your existing clothes. This must also be fulfilled to successfully complete this challenge. There is still time to do this if you haven't already so get cracking.

The OCTOBER NPC link is now up so please ring in if you are continuing another month. Thank you all and best of luck completing September ! smile.gif
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I didn't really think too much about maintenance, but once I got back home from London I did polish the shoes that I had brought with me on the trip.
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I'm out, feebay got the best of me. I'll try again next month.

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Reporting in once again, I would have lost today if not for eBay errors. A seller in the UK listed a cashmere Loro Piana Villa D'Este, in what from the relatively poor pictures appeared to be in near mint condition, for 210£. Buy it now resulted in an error, and after communicating with seller and ebay support the seller agreed to relist item in order to resolve the issue so that I could buy the item. Seller was extremely helpful and communicative, but less than a minute after the jacket was relisted someone else swooped in and bought it.

So on the upside, I'm still in the running for the NPC, on the downside, I probably just missed the greatest deal I will ever see on a Villa D'Este. angry.gif
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I have polished shoes, sewn buttons, mended a coat, lotioned belts and my S.O.'s handbags (a dozen of them).
I have not even entered a clothing store of any kind in this month.
For October I will be completely re-stitching by hand a vintage messenger bag as the original stitching dry-rotted. I'll also put on some very long movies while doing it.
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I'll polish and edge dress my shoes tomorrow or Saturday in order to remain in compliance.

Three more days. I got this!biggrin.gif
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Thank you MOL for helping my economy and wardrobe.

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Two and a half days left..... And still holding strong. Last night I used saphir renovatuer (sp?) and cream polish on a pair of vintage Florsheim longwings.

Full disclosure: I have a $20 birthday coupon from Brooks Brothers that is good for this month only. I plan to pick up a pair of socks or maybe a watchband. I believe that is acceptable as per our rules?

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I actually survived, although I do need to use the emergency fund for some alterations and dry-cleaning (£14.45). I have been polishing my shoes and brushing down my clothes with a lint brush.


It was a combination of my language partner occupying me for Friday night through to Saturday evening (no time to get to Harvie & Hudson and Drakes), as well as the aforementioned stores both being closed on Sunday.

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Well guys it has been fun. Shoes shined, and challenge complete.
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^ +1

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i failed gents. purchased a few shirts from jcrew, cufflinks, ordered 3 shoes, 1 mtm suit ordered, and 3 belts from equus.

congrats to those who succeeded! I failed in the last 2 weeks
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