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sup crane? how have you been? great pic.

that picture was on I90 or I94 iirc, on the way from skokie, IL, to midway airport.
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Thanks. Been doing OK. 90 or 94 LOL! I have a lot of miles on those two roads. Once the weather warms up I'm thinking about running out to Nick Horween's place for a tour and seeing if some long lost buddies are still in the area. I'm also in desperate need of some good pizza too. LOL!
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glad to hear. i hope you make the trip, and enjoy the pizza.

are 90 and 94, the same thing? shog[1].gif
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I90 and I94 are the same road for a while around the city.
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Originally Posted by Crane's View Post

I90 and I94 are the same road for a while around the city.

lol, so i figured.

back to bmore, what a lovely sky. ugh.

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thats a cool pic. at least you got something out of yesterdays crap weather.
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We've had a boring sky around here for a while so here's another one from a chase a while back in Wyoming.

High Plains Drifter by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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mother nature is truly a wonder. great pic, crane.
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Yes she is Stiches. She's been my main subject for better than 4 decades and never let's me down for long.
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The view from my living room looked a little different the other day:

Some other recent ones:

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I like sunsets. I try to make it a point watch them every day. It's my peace and quiet part of the day.
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cali has a nice sky. no denying.
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sorry for the quality it's an iphone satisfied.gif

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this is my working street sky at sunset. It's Milan, Italy.

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