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Interstate 280 remains the finest freeway in the nation. However, there is a major problem that needs to be fixed. Southbound, just south of Palo Alto, the freeway scrunches from four lanes to three when the right lane becomes exit only. Then the fourth lane reappears, only to disappear again as an exit only. Then it reappears again and remains there until the 85 junction (and well beyond, though I almost never have reason to go beyond).

So, why did they do this? In heavy-ish traffic, that loss of a lane always causes a massive back-up. Clearly, they could have made it four lanes straight through--there is room. These stupid bottle necks are a pain and unnecessary.

Boo, Cal-Trans.
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Don't you live in NYC

Why are you all the way over on the wrong coast
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Likely another case when it was once 2 or 3 lanes that expanded and they couldn't spend the money to redo the exits/interchanges.

There have been two such "untangle the tangles" here in th epast few years... and ten years ago they finally undid that exact issue with 94 crosstown where it went 3-2-3 at EVERY exit for ten miles.... pain in th eass.

A few billions later and Voila....

Oh and.. in before cake>pie DT
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I don't think it was an expansion in this case, though, I think it was designed this way.
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I don't like nice highways, they are boring to drive and put me to sleep. My favorite is the cross bronx expressway, you never know when you are going to be killed by a rig or swallowed up by a crater sized pothole so it keeps me sharp.
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280 has very nice views.

the cross bronx is a disaster, I think my axles bend every time I am on it
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On nice Sundays we occasionally go for an aimless drive to Pasadena on the Arroyo Seco. It is so pretty. We'll usually eat at some place on Green Street and walk around a little, but it's really about the driving. For me at least.

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^ The 110 is fun in a slalom kind of way. I still prefer the 210 because it's where I was able to drive 105-110 mph in my reckless youth.
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Originally Posted by erictheobscure View Post

^ The 110 is fun in a slalom kind of way. I still prefer the 210 because it's where I was able to drive 105-110 mph in my reckless youth.

ha, I used to do that on the way home from shows at Glass House. The only freeway I've ever gotten into an accident on was the slalom (I like that description) part of the 110. I was speeding to make a date and ended up facing North on the Southbound side. I still made it, though I rolled up banged around with my right headlight dangling from the socket. I think it actually made the date a success.
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the lesson here is never venture south of Los Altos or north of Hillsborough.

I think those are where the "World's Most Beautiful Freeway" signs start and stop.
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also, world's creepiest rest stop statue.

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Is that a Franciscan monk?
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Originally Posted by mordecai View Post

Is that a Franciscan monk?

no, locally famous proctologist
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heheh, yeah it's Junipero Serra which is the other name for The 280.

looks kinda like a cross between Art Carney and Mr. Magoo. it's kind of startling to be winding your way around these beautiful hills and valleys and this gigantic finger pointing monk pops out of nowhere.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

no, locally famous proctologist

The proctology exams are said to occur in the bathrooms under the monk.
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