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Originally Posted by OlafG View Post

If I remember correctly they were 11.5D so you are probably the lucky one.

No, mine are a custom MTO. I based them on the ones I saw on Ebay but made some changes (reverse split welt, etc).
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Anyone have a pair of 9.5d 744's to sell?


Many thanks!


PM me.



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does the 744 fit the same as the 721?
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Im new to this forum so I cannot post in the classifieds yet, but I figured I would put this here instead. If this is against the rules please let me know.

I have a pair ofWolverine 1000 Mile 744 LTD Size 10.

I need to sell these because my job just got delayed for a couple months and I need the money. There were only 1000 of these made in the world; this pair is numbered 632/1000. Im asking $375 OBO

Link: http://imgur.com/a/4l3o5

The picture of the tongue is a clean cut, not a rip in leather. It was that way whenever I purchased them, and you cannot see it when wearing.

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Showing some 744 LTD love today :) 


I see two on ebay size 10D if anyone is still looking for a pair.  These fit me TTS for anyone wondering about sizing.

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Long time bump.  Got a question for you guys, especially owners of this boot.


I saw a pair of these today at a Nordstrom Rack, I think it was numbered like #780 out of 1000. They are new, I didn't see "second marks" like most AE's at a Rack have.  Some little scratches on the vamp but would probably be polished out.


Anyhow, the boots are 30% off MSRP so about $530 after the discount.  That's a lot.  I'm curious what you guys think about these boots, particularly for this price?  


I tried them on and the fit great.  Was also my first time trying on shell cordovan shoes/boots.  I didn't buy but my guess is I could go back within a few weeks and they'll still be there.   Thanks for any tips.

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I'm not expert but I'd say that $350 is a fantastic price. I just bought a pair for $450. 

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Sizing same as with RW's (size down)?

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