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Originally Posted by OlafG View Post

If I remember correctly they were 11.5D so you are probably the lucky one.

No, mine are a custom MTO. I based them on the ones I saw on Ebay but made some changes (reverse split welt, etc).
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Anyone have a pair of 9.5d 744's to sell?


Many thanks!


PM me.



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does the 744 fit the same as the 721?
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Im new to this forum so I cannot post in the classifieds yet, but I figured I would put this here instead. If this is against the rules please let me know.

I have a pair ofWolverine 1000 Mile 744 LTD Size 10.

I need to sell these because my job just got delayed for a couple months and I need the money. There were only 1000 of these made in the world; this pair is numbered 632/1000. Im asking $375 OBO

Link: http://imgur.com/a/4l3o5

The picture of the tongue is a clean cut, not a rip in leather. It was that way whenever I purchased them, and you cannot see it when wearing.

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Showing some 744 LTD love today :) 


I see two on ebay size 10D if anyone is still looking for a pair.  These fit me TTS for anyone wondering about sizing.

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Long time bump.  Got a question for you guys, especially owners of this boot.


I saw a pair of these today at a Nordstrom Rack, I think it was numbered like #780 out of 1000. They are new, I didn't see "second marks" like most AE's at a Rack have.  Some little scratches on the vamp but would probably be polished out.


Anyhow, the boots are 30% off MSRP so about $530 after the discount.  That's a lot.  I'm curious what you guys think about these boots, particularly for this price?  


I tried them on and the fit great.  Was also my first time trying on shell cordovan shoes/boots.  I didn't buy but my guess is I could go back within a few weeks and they'll still be there.   Thanks for any tips.

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I'm not expert but I'd say that $350 is a fantastic price. I just bought a pair for $450. 

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Sizing same as with RW's (size down)?

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Bring this thread back from the dead. Got a pair of seconds and wore once but noticed welt started to come off near the ball of the foot.

Will these be covered by either AE or Wolverine?
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Not familiar with Red Wings but I usually wear a 10 in sneakers, boots if I size down its usually half a size (which is kind of standard for boots it seems) unless its notoriously oversized (I think my bean boots are an 8.5). 


If you've worn normal 1000 miles these fit the same, but slightly more narrow. I would wear thick socks with my normal 1000 Miles but if I do so with these my foot can be a bit cramped, this might also be due to the cordovan not having as much stretch as cow leather. 

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Think I might sell my pair if anyone is interested. Size 9.5, in great condition and freshly polished! Taking offers. 

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Does anyone have a pair of 10 or 10.5 to sell?

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