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A pair popped up on ebay.



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The toe cap looks short and stubby. Much more a miss than a hit.
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Need supply has a lot of good pics of them
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They look awesome. Saving my cold hard cash now.
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They look pretty amazing.

However, I would have preferred if they had stuck close to the original version as can be seen in this old advertisement, i.e. with a flatter toe profile.



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I think that brown color goes with a lot more of my clothes. I am glad its not green, I for sure have my pair reserved for the 20th, will post pics when I pick them up. My local store, got 70 pairs, so I am sure there shouldn't be a shortage.

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Sweet, they feel a little more comfortable than the 721's.

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i think these boots will look better as they break in, not so shiny as they are now!

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The toe box is not reinforced, so I would imagine it would flatten over time.
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Forgot to add a pic…
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So despite not being initially impressed, I think I will give these a try. Are you guys going true to size or down a half step? I will be wearing these as casual boots (not work boots) so I will not be wearing thick works socks.

Also, how are they on width? I am normally an E-width. Do these have much lateral room? Can anyone compare to the Barrie last?
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coleslaw damn that looks tits!
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stop shouting
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I just saw these in-person and instantly fell in love and bought a pair for myself.  I actually found them as factory seconds, so aside from the 9.5s that I got for myself, I bought 2 extra pairs to pass along to other fashion nerds who don't want to miss out on these (given only 1000 were made).  Since I don't have enough posts on this forum to start a thread in the buy/sell area, I figured I'd mention that here.  I have a pair in 9 and a pair in 10.5 that I'm willing to part send me a PM if you have any interest in these.  (If me mentioning that in this thread is a no-no, my apologies, and I'll happily edit my post accordingly.  Just let me know)

As far as fit goes, I tend to be stuck between 9 & 9.5 for most shoes, and I think that applies to these shoes too.  The 9 might be a wee bit small (but could potentially stretch to fit correctly) and the 9.5 might be a wee bit large.  I ended up choosing the 9.5 for the winter months when I wear thicker socks, but they fit fine today in my dress socks. 


Edit: 10.5s have now sold.  That said, if you're interested in other sizes (or another pair of 10.5), let me know and I can check for stock on more pairs of seconds.

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