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What's the opinion on colored shoe laces for dress shoes? - Page 2

Poll Results: What is your opinion on colored shoe laces for dress shoes

  • 25% (19)
    Only a clown would wear them.
  • 10% (8)
    I like the idea, but I would never wear them.
  • 16% (12)
    I might wear a pair as a novelty.
  • 40% (30)
    I like them as a style statement, and wear them on occasion.
  • 8% (6)
    I own more than 6 different colors, and wear them frequently.
75 Total Votes  
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not what you'd call "dress shoes" but I bought red laces for my natural chromexcel longwings which I wear in casual settings and they're great imo.
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is white considered a color?  

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I experiment a bit. Generally I end up only using different colour laces on more casual shoes and boots, but not always. I certainly don't do it for the sake of it. But then again, I don't work in a place where I am worried about what anyone might think.

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I've been looking at a some of these threads and am considering some colored laces for my dirty bucks and a pair of dk brown suede wingtips. Neither of these shoes came with waxed laces. Can someone please tell me when to use waxed laces and when to use non-waxed laces? There are plenty of 'cheap' non-waxed laces available in a multitude colors, but it seems like that may look like I bought sneaker laces and threw them on dressier shoes. But, neither of those pairs of shoes currently have waxed laces.
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im not that sure but i would think waxed is for more formal wear.  also, i would gauge the eyelet's size to see which laces would fit.  a thin waxed lace would look out of place going through a huge eyelet.

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Maybe ok if done very casually (i.e. "streetwear & denim" - casual). For business, I think it belongs in one category with novelty ties.
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Colour laces? Why not have some fun boys :)


(ignore the jeans I work in a lab full of strong chemicals and I am not going to ruin my nice trousers).


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Not a fan of colored laces on dress shoes. I feel like they kind of defeat the purpose of wearing dress shoes in the first place. I'd probably be okay with a subtle color on sneakers but that's not what the poll was asking about.
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I read the comments & it's unusual to see men have different colour laces. But, then again, the average man isn't making aggressive fashion statements. I'd say it's very nice & fashionable. Use them according to the events that you attend. It's a magnificent to the colours that you're wearing. 

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I wouldn't wear them in a business Atmosphere or perhaps work but as acasual maybe even with jeans or chinos it would look rather nice again as a fashion statement.
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I'd wear them more often if I could find some for my black/gray Balmoral booot.
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