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Is this suit too big in the shoulders?

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Dear All,


This suit looks too big on me, especially in the shoulders. Do you agree? Does it look terrible, or just slightly oversized? Lastly, what are the chances that the shoulders on this particular suit could be altered?


I know this is a common question on style forum, so thanks for your patience and support!


- JB




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I'm no expert, but yes, I'd say the jacket is too large, although not egregiously so. Shoulder alteration is generally not recommended; best to just retire the suit and find a replacement that fits the shoulders correctly from the get-go.

Also, those lapels are much too slim for my tastes. You have fairly broad shoulders (then again, it could just be the oversized jacket giving a false impression) and would do well with a lapel width roughly 50% greater than what's pictured.
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I can't tell where your natural shoulder line ends, but yes. Too big, overpadded, or possibly both.
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Welcome to Styleforum joeuconn.
By this photo, you are better dressed than 98% of the population so don't worry about it too much. The shoulder overhang is not bad and you'll easily pass. The shoulders can be taken in by a competant tailor should you feel the need. 1 - 1 1/2" off each shoulder ought to do the job and the fee for such work would be somewhere around the $100 mark. It would be nice to see full length shots of the suit from all angles (front-left-right-back) to give us a better reading on the overall fit.
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Originally Posted by Jackie Treehorn View Post

I can't tell where your natural shoulder line ends, but yes. Too big, overpadded, or possibly both.


Do the "wall" test.
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Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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They don't look that big, just a tad; but there seems to be too much padding in there... your shoulders are more sloped than the jacket's shoulders. I guess it's RTW so I wouldn't worry too much about it. How does it fit in the rest of the body?

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Thanks for your reply. On the rest of the body the suit fits pretty well; it's just the shoulders that are a bit too big.

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I think you're fine then... there seems to be no collar gap, and if the body and sleeve length is fine, it's definately wearable. I believe shoulders looking wide in this case has more to do with the skinny lapels than with actual fit...

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From what I can see it does not fit well on the body either. Too much drape. Return it if you can. Unlikely you can alter it enough.
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I honestly think it's a size bigger than you should wear. Just look at the sleeves: is it just me, or are they baggy? I personally like a more fitted style, so maybe that's why I say this. And yes, the shoulders are bigger than necessary. 

In the future, to get better replies, I would suggest you take pictures that show your entire outfit as well, not just parts of it, so we can judge better.

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Hi I'm new here.  At age 49, I'm (for whatever reason!) really starting to get into dressing nicely.  I've bought two suits in the last 6 months and had them tailored to where they fit me pretty darned good, loving 'suit culture!'  :)  


I think your suit does look a little big and roomy, but like someone else said, you probably look better than 90% of American men I see as I travel through airports.


It looks like to me it could use a little tailoring in the midriff area to have it follow your natural body contours... personally I think that would make a big difference.  Someone else felt the lapel was a bit thin but I personally like them that width.  That's obviously just a preference thing.


Overall I think you look nice in that suit.  When you go for your next one, maybe just take it down a size and see how you feel about your looks in it.


cheers!  -Eric 

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From what i see in the picture, the shoulders look fine. But it would be better if you could show the whole body of the suit so that we better tell if it fits.

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The standardized reply on this forum would be to size down and to have tailors pinch in at the waist.  And it will be a disaster. 


Right now it looks fine and you look well put together.  It's roomy but not too big.  Best is to have a full body picture, front/back/side and ask tailors on this forum for opinions.


Sometimes the culprit is silhouette/cut, not the suit itself.  And that cannot be changed.

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Put a dimple in that tie!  smile.gif  Seriously, I think that does make a big difference.

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