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14th And Union Shoes

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Does anybody on here have any experience with 14th And Union Shoes? I saw some at Nordstrom Rack recently for $100, and wondered if they would be a good deal. They had a leather sole and lining, but I can't seem to find too much on them on here or any where else online. Maybe some brands they are similar to in terms of quality? I'd never heard of them before the other day so any info will help.

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Avoid.  Made for Nordstrom Rack and appear to be poor quality.

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I bought a pair for about $70 at Nordstroms Rack and attracted me to them is the pillow like insole. They are very comfortable. I've worn them at least 5 times and they've held up pretty well on long nights out on the town. They're very comfortable. The soles of the shoe don't seem to be made very well, small rocks get stuck in the rubber and they seem more pliable than you would like. Overall I like the shoes. I'm happy with my purchase. I don't wear them everyday so I'm not too worried about the wear factor that much. I was so happy with the shoes when I bought them and I tried to do some research on 14th and union shoes and see if they are sold anywhere else and I was unable to find a single site, store, place, anything. Good luck.

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I'm searching the internet to find another pair of this brand.  I realy like them.  They are stylish and well made. 

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I just bought a pair from Nordstrom, they seem to be a pretty high quality shoe as they were made in italy and have the qualities of a high quality shoe as they were made in Italy, have a leather sole, and a good quality leather.  Not sure if this is a brand native to Nordstrom as I have tried to look for places to purchase them and have not found any information.  Either way as of right now I am very happy with my tan 14th & Union penny loafers which I paid $130 for at a Nordstrom's clearance sale.  

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You are correct, there is not a lot of information about them. 14th and Union shoes are great. I have 3 pair and love them all. They have now branced into denim and men's accessories as well - just as an fyi!


Hope you enjoy them!!!

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