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My present GF is also in the garment trade. as a textile agent.
she was recently in my office when a number of SFers were in getting shirts, or just drinking beer and chatting.
she was thrilled and excited to hear how the guys were talking about clothing.
It got her to look for women's carmina shoes.

My last several girlfriends have all been happy with the way i dressed.

My x-wife is another story. lets not go there.
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No SO currently, but dates have responded well to my update in wardrobe. I just have to remind myself not to spill the beans on too many thrifting details—it seems to break the illusion. I've had the "why are you dressed up?" question from male friends, but not female yet.

I have a very good female friend who appreciates attention to detail. I was telling her about the 1950's Hickey Freeman midnight-blue shawl tuxedo I thrifted for $14 and she got positively giddy. (It will need a bit of altering to fit me, though.) She's no stranger to the world of black tie. She considers it somewhat easy for a man to look good in a suit, but sees black tie as the real test. Even though I may wear it only once over the remainder of my life, she considers it a good find and something worth putting the alteration money into.

There are a number of my male friends who don't really appreciate what's involved, but as mentioned earlier in the thread, I just don't talk to them about it. There's a small handful of friends (male or female) that I'll talk to about clothing, and this forum, but it seems to make more sense to just wear it.
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My wife sometimes feels as tho she has to keep up with me when we step out, but I pick out/buy her clothes/shoes so it is a matter of her putting them together correctly. She is a knockout so no matter what she wears she will look great but she gets a lot of flack from other hating females which she sometimes takes personally. I have taught her that if women say negative things about her, they are not friends and are just hating. She's getting it. Funny how all of their husbands can't stop looking/commenting about her which I think has something to do with it.

Many of you here have seen pics of my wife and I have been called out for posting them but she doesn't mind having been a model. Please don't PM for pics. Seriously.

We just celebrated our 11th anniversary.
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I'd say I'm in the same boat as several others here. I'm often considered overdressed in a given situation, but I'm used to it, and so is the wife. She's been around since The Hobby really started gaining momentum, and the worst I usually get from her is eye rolling and a chuckle. The comments from others are far more common, and she's learned to dismiss them with "Oh, that's just Levi."
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Every time I wear a dress shirt with jeans I tuck it in, she untucks it. Then I tuck it back in again. Every single time... she too likes the somewhat messy/not trying look. Though I'm slowly converting her
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I think you're mistaking that gesture.

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Originally Posted by Louis XIV View Post

One thing I have to agree on is there are plenty of women who feel uncomfortable if they think they are underdressed compared to a male in their environment.

At least within a college environment, I can vouch for this. I'm really hoping that the girls will grow out of it as they mature, but at my age the preferred relationship seems to consist of a mentality akin to "Oh he's kind of a mess, but I like to keep him around." As soon as these girls deal with someone who actually cares and knows about clothing, and commits money to it, the "power" that they observe in the relationship shifts away from them. No longer is the guy their pet; he's something to be sought after, and has relationship options beyond them. From what I've seen, that makes them nervous.


It would be nice to see some college girls step up to the plate and stop thinking that dresses with cardigans make them the hottest things in the room.

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