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psa: is awesome

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It provides a beautiful interface for email, as well as some really cool new features like quick view categories that are programmed to automatically highlight all attachments with doc or pic attachments, but also shipping updates, bills, social updates, etc.

It's also directly integrated with office web apps, skydrive (which is fantastic btw), the people app, and soon a new calendar application. It pulls your contacts from facebook, linkedin, gmail, Hotmail, live messenger, twitter. you can post directly to facebook walls or send facebook chat. And it unifies all your contacts into single contact cards so that if you've got someone stored separately in gmail and fb, you see them once and can communicate with them in multiple ways.

Skydrive is Microsoft's cloud storage app that will ship with windows 8 and office 2013. basically, if you save your docs to sd they'll be available anywhere, including on your phone. Want to send a large file via email? instead you'll send a sd link (and the email client will suggest it automatically if it's to big for regular email).

Anyway, it's worth checking out. I've been a gmail user for the last several years but I decided to ditch it for this which I find a lot more useful overall.
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Just signed up for it and will check it out, but it's going to have to blow me away to get me to ditch Gmail.
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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

Just signed up for it and will check it out, but it's going to have to blow me away to get me to ditch Gmail.

At one level, email is email, but i've never really been a fan of gmail's interface. It's busy and looks like crap imo. Functionally, it's fine. I moved from hotmail back in the day mostly because my hotmail account had reached a point where i was getting too much spam.

Regarding, the benefits really start to multiply when you start using windows 8 and office 2013 (I'm on both). Windows 8 ties to a microsoft account and makes use of single sign-in across most of its services, the most important being skydrive. Office 2013 can open docs directly from it, so for programs like onenote, it's especially useful to make skydrive your docs repository.

I'm on my work computer now and I ahve access not just to my documents in my skydrive and docs i was editing on my home computer last night, but also every single file on my home computer. I can remote-fetch anything and I can do that from this computer where i have a client installed, but also directly from the skydrive site or

Make sure you click the down arrow in the top left of your screen next to "Outlook". That's where you access the people, skydrive, and calendar apps (which is the only one that hasn't been updated yet). Also make sure you connect it to all your social services. if you're using dual authentication for google you need to create an application password for to be able to connect to your gmail. If you decide to switch it can pull all your mail in from gmail.

And play with the quick views. They're really cool and there's more than just the ones immediately visible (just right-click).
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I snatched up multiple addresses but moving email addresses isn't something I want to do any time soon. Also I use a mac so the windows and office integration won't apply to me. We'll see.
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I've heard about it. Will need to learn more before switching over.
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RE: psa: is awesome

You can always auto-forward your Gmail mail to, that's what I do.
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Windows 8, no thank you!

Trying to push a walled garden a la Apple style on PC users is causing the most hilarious backlash though.

Steam native in Ubuntu here we come!!!!
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haven't checked, but skydrive is awesome and the new build-in msn messenger is crazy kewl

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