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All depends on industry.

I'd say a tasteful company logo, contact info (including email address since a forwarded Outlook email won't tell you the email address), and that is basically it.

I'd skip most of the disclaimers - hell my old law firm put the "we are not giving tax advice" disclaimer at the bottom of everyone's email, including the tax lawyers.
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I'd skip the logos. They are carried either as attachments or linked images and most email clients with sane security settings won't display or download these images from outside nobody will see your logo. Most people don't realize this because you will still see the logo when someone from your own company sends you an email.

I've got one firm we work with that has a logo in their email and everytime I forward one of their emails, Outlook pops up and asks me if I would like to download external content (presumably so that my forwarded copy can also have their logo).

Here, my full signature only gets added to outgoing emails that originate from me. If it is a reply (even to an outside email), there will be no signature unless I insert it manually. I usually leave it in place (and sometimes insert it into replies) since the recipient might benefit from having my phone number or address. I think this sort of an email signature is helpful...if I am contacting someone I don't know, it tells them who I am, a little bit about what I do (from my title and company) and gives them all of my contact information in one place.
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