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Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

The whole reason this thread exists is that some SF regulars wanted to have an exclusive place to post their taste in womans clothing. Its nothing more and nothing less.
The misleading title and the feminist attitude is only to justify this. If I hadn t called them out you would not find one piece of discussion itt.

No, it's because you were shitting up the other thread with your shitty taste.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

I'm not sure that I'm following you here.

the original argument from thewho isn't good enough to just be dropped out there as a statement of fact. the implied premise of control of "them" over "women" is just as valid as the reverse argument where women control the fashion industry. Both of which are just as valid as a flux of control, or no control of one over the other at all.
since no evidence is presented in the original argument i felt it was sufficient to be very casual in presenting an equal, or more plausible, set of explanations. hence the alternates. at the same time i have to head off the OMG YOUR SAYING RAPE IS OK bullshit by pointing out that fallacious (or less valid) arguments can still have valid/true conclusions. (that because it may be in our genes that we behave so; it isn't necessarily OK that people are forced to behave in a particular way.) kingjulian has a much better way of saying that last part;
Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

 Evolutionary biology can be used as an explanation for a lot of things, but rarely, if ever, as a justification.
i should have just said that.
Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Are you saying that the standard that people are gravitating towards is changing as well?.
i do personally like the idea that there is no us and them but just a we. a single community that constantly negotiates specifics. in this case what general form and shape constitutes femininity. if this where the best model for how it, i'll call it the fashion industry, works then yes the standards, and even the rules for how the system goes about constructing those standards are constantly shifting. however i can supply no good argument for why this is a better idea then alternatives nor do i have the energy to go about disproving it.
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^^this dude still on my dick?

And not very sharp either. I didnt even post in the other thread before this one grazed the front page.
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guys, shut the fuck up.

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Way less cutting-edge than a lot in this thread, but I really like this. Playing with a lot of boyish items. 

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funny how all the women pictured in this thread of "rejection of yadda normative yadda yadda heirarchical yadda yadda" are all SO FUCKING SIMILARLY SKINNY.
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i hate fat people.
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i wonder if any of these norms-rejecting girls skip the rouge, eyeliner, and lipstick

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is that chalayan?

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