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Reverse osmosis plus very slow chilling should result in perfectly clear ice, right?
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That's what the kids are doing.
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How can you prevent cracking ice when you drop it in a liquid? Like you see in that one pic in the article you've posted. Sometimes happens with my 4x4cm ice cubes while shaking and results in lots of fine ice bits. Too quick freezing? Or maybe make it melt a tiny bit?
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

How can you prevent cracking ice when you drop it in a liquid?

Simple. Place it inside an iPhone 5 case.
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Lol, if you guys don't behave I'm telling Jrmouse
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Originally Posted by otc View Post

For the towel method, you just need towels that don't leave behind lint...I can't say what causes it, but the towels I like don't leave anything behind.
Microfiber clothes are great for shining up glasses. I'm not very detail oriented with most cleaning tasks, but I do like having spotless glasswear and a quick rundown with a microfiber does that nicely.
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Why didn't I think of that? Makes sense!
The SA who was responsible for cleaning the Riedel sommelier glasses used one too IIRC. And some sort of spray (I guess because it's just displayed that spray supports the shine). He wasn't rough with them but he didn't treat them lightly. I wonder how often these guys break them. tongue.gif
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Mrs. Piob just texted me my fancy seamless mixing glass is in. It's just a shame that my work day today is such that I'll just go home and get into bed. frown.gif
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There's always the time for a quicky. A quick drink I mean, obviously.
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See, I'm very attentive. I didn't want to let the rest of the lime go bad and because you won't be able to enjoy a drink tonight, I made a The Last Word. Selfless, this is how I am. (tasted good smile.gif)

But again heavy splitting. The ice cube completely broke apart. I need to double strain, else I'd have half ice splinters and half cocktail in my glass. Maybe it's just the big size. I'll probably get myself some 2x2cm ice cube trays for shaking and stiring and leave the 4x4 ones for the "decoration". Also, a new boston shaker glass. Also, a Yarai mixing glass (they're just about 30€ here which seems fair given that they are beautiful.. actually, the 75-125ml (or so) "dash" bottles are very beautiful too -- especially for real bars to put their bitters and such into. Oh yeah, and one of these Japanese stirring spoons.

So no one has a recommendation for a UK-based shop?
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Is that for the standard, 500 ml, Yarai with three seams or the 550 ml, seamless one? I got the fancier one. smile.gif

Also, just bought a small fine strainer so I can double strain into cocktail glasses and stop the floating ice chips...when I feel like being that anal.
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Not 100% sure.. this is one, but there was also another online shop offering different versions but I forgot which one.

(oh yeah, that's 500ml.. there's also one that offers 650ml puzzled.gif)

For double straining, I use this:


I don't really like the ice chips. But I have realized that they will be gone after 20 seconds. However, when I use the 4cm cubes that break, I have half a cube worth of chips in there, and that sucks. And tastes bad.
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25€ wink.gif
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Cross post from WAYDRN thread:

Following the conversations on clear ice and various ice molds and sizes, I will proceed over the weekend to experiment with different molds, trays and waters to find the best ice. My understanding is that the best way to try to get clear ice at home is to use distilled water that you boil first before freezing. Never tried it before, but I will give it a try this weekend and report back.

Challenge accepted!!!
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