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Advice needed on bright chinos.

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Hello there,


I posted this query in the 'men's clothing' section, but I feel it is more appropriate here. 


The other day I purchased two pairs of chinos from Tommy Hilfiger. The first pair are turquoise and the second pair are a red colour. I love the colours, but I just wanted some advice on what other people make of them. Are they maybe too loud?. Also, do you think I should wear them with, or without the jacket?


I have attached some pictures below.


Thank you in advance for any advice. 









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I think the brighter coloured trousers look far better without certain types of jackets. Included in these are definitely striped ones, and those with a pattern. A plain jacket would look great here. Any matching shirt without a jacket also works. Maybe consider a less 'busy' shirt.

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I think they're ok by themselves, but I don't know how I feel about the whole outfit. The red ones in the first picture didn't seem to fit that well though.

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What colour jacket would you recommend? And what type of shirt would you suggest? Maybe a white one?
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The red ones are the same size and style as the turquoise. Maybe it was just down to how I hurriedly put them on. I still have the receipts so I could make take them back and get something which isn't as 'loud'?
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i see nothing wrong with colorful pants but the fact that you are questioning them so much probably isn't a good sign.  if you aren't confident in them, you most likely won't wear them enough to justify the cost....

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Hmmm, I think I just need to make the jump and wear them out and about. Hopefully then the confidence will follow. I really do love the colours and whenever I see someone wearing them I do think to myself 'wow, I do like that look'. I just need to find tops that will go with them. So you suggest less busy shirts. Would a polo go with them?


Thanks for all the replies so far.

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I personally think that bright colored chinos should be worn slim. Something about loose fitting colored chinos that makes me gag.


Also don't ever wear anything striped with them unless it's a subtle striped T-shirt or sweater.

Just my 2 pennies.


EDIT: I wear white, grey, and white/navy striped shirts & sweaters with my Red chinos, I also wear brown boots/shoes with them FWIW

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A not loud patterned shirt usually works. A polo shirt can be a good option, because of options such as a contrast collar that help keep attention near the face instead of on the pants.
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I love "loud" pants. I wore some yellow chinos today. I have others in red, orange, and weird patterns. I've worn them with anything from polos to casual/dress shirts with/without jackets. Pictures are on my blog if you want to search through and see.
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