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MTM Shirt Fit Critique

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Hey Guys,

A trial shirt (Modern Tailor) just came in last week and I was hoping for some input. I posted some photos in a old MTM fit thread 3 days ago and its not getting any action so i decided to start a new one. 

I'm thinking the shoulders need to be taken in an inch on each side and that the cuffs are a bit big also. What do you think?
I'm also wondering everyone's opinion on the sleeve length.

Thanks allot guys. Try not to be too brutal!












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For a first shirt, it's not too bad. Have you washed it and and worn it a few times to account for shrinkage?

Judging from the third photo, I'd say the cuffs look OK, but there is too much sleeve fabric bunching up around your elbow area. Take a photo with the cuffs unbuttoned and arms by your sides. The sleeve length should be close to your thumb web. Buttoned, the sleeves should be about 1/2" below your wrist bone to show when worn with a suit or sport coat.

The collar looks a bit tight -- is there enough room for a finger or two? In the first photo, the back of the collar looks too tall and comes up pretty high on your neck-- I would shorten it a bit.

Hard to tell from the photos, but the sleeve seams should be where your upper arms join your shoulders.

My first MT shirt was pretty close, but could still use some minor adjustments. This is true of any first MTM shirt whether it's made by MT or Charvet.
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Seems to be a bit tight around the waist - makes you look unnecessarily paunchy.
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very good first shirt.
self measured??

cuffs look a bit large in circumference..
but if the shirt has not been washed very often, you may get more shrinkage.

sleeves are a bit too long.
again, I am assuming this shirt has been washed a few times

you can narrow the yoke 1/2" each side.

due to your posture. I would add and 1.5" to the waist and add darts.

cant tell about collar size,

very good first shirt fit
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Thanks allot everyone!

The measurements were made off a shirt with sleeves to short. I had only washed the shirt once. I think I'm going to wear it a little more before making a second order. 

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