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Electronic Music & Modular Synthesizers

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Hey guys, new here, just wanted to say hello.


The only other forum I frequent is muffwiggler, humorously named site dedicated to modular synthesizers, and electronic music equipment/production.


Modular synths have become pretty big in the last few years, many cities have embraced the culture, creating synth meets, and local user groups. San Fran, Portland, LA, NYC, Austin, and others seem to have a healthy dose of enthusiasts, including growing amounts of brick and mortor retail spaces. We make synth modules here in Austin at 4MS. Just wondering if anyone here on the forum is into creating electronic music, and, or modular synthesizers?

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I have only one album: Kitaro Oasis on LP, given to me many years ago by a friend. Haven't listened to it in years, but oddly enough I was just contemplating throwing it on. Not really my scene, but interesting.
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Haven't heard of them, but that's a pretty wild album cover smile.gif



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Mod synths are rad.

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Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre (son of film composer Maurice Jarre) and later, Tangerine Dream (of the 1970's-early 80's) are among the legends of synth composers.

The mighty analogue Yamaha GX-1

and its 'portable' analogue cousin, the Yamaha CS 80

The CS 80 was used extensively by Vangelis in the 1970's-1990s (Chariots Of Fire, Blade Runner, etc) and he did miracles with the instrument despite its notorious reputation for having unstable trim pots.
There is a fellow who refurbishes the old Yamaha's

Not forgetting the Yamaha DX-7 which single-handedly revolutionized the music industry.

Now to present....
Just for fun, look at the Yamaha Stagea

and D-Deck by Yamaha

I have played on all of these instruments and love Yamaha product. It cannot be beaten.
Some treats...

This Back To The Future cover is played LIVE on the D-Deck. One person, 10 fingers and two feet on the pedals.

A flawless Star Wars on the Yamaha Electone Stagea....

A JAWS cover that will chill your blood (Yamaha Stagea)......

and a lot more on YouTube just search Yamaha Electone..there are thousands of performances on these amazing newer synths.
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Vintage synths are great. Not sure about the D-Deck, but this is more what I'm talking about. At this point, modular synthesizers have become an ever evolving culmination of innovation, and creativity in audio/visual world. Designers are creating new and exciting circuits in both the analog and digital realms. This isn't limited to audio, video synthesis has experienced a renaissance as well, and there's no reason a drawing or a painting cannot be integrated into the system you see below.


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