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best conditioner for leather jackets

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Hi all- seeking advice on how best to care for leather jackets (both black and brown). do I just rub in some Lexol? or are there some leather jacket specific conditioner/cleaner out there?
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I stand corrected, but I would have thought any leather cleaner/conditioner will do.  Car leather or furniture leather cleaner/conditioners come to mind. I think you need to avoid certain contents such as silicones.

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Agreed, any leather conditioner should be fine... traditionally I've used either the same thing I use for my shoes (Allen Edmonds Conditioning Cleanser or Saphir Creme Universal) and it works OK, but it gets expensive for larger items like jackets. Another option is to use a hand cream like Lubriderm that contains Lanolin oil... those work pretty well as leather conditioners and I've used them on leather jackets and gloves with no issue.
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Go to:

They know everything there is to know about leather jackets.

Also try

Click the Forum tab, then scroll down to the Jacket Care & Preservation sub-forum

Hope that helps (wrong place here for that kind of question)

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I've had Lexol ruin (dry out the leather & make it crack) a number of vintage hat sweatbands, so I'd tread carefully with that. 



Personally I currently use Leatherique per Aero Leather Clothing's recommendation, haven't had any ill issues with it.

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I know Glaser Designs (leather briefcases and bags) recommends Nivea for their bags.

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I had read somewhere where Ron Rider recommended the Saphir Universal Cream Polish for jackets etc. But I see Hanger Project has other products such as; Creme Delicate Delicate Cream and Saphir Canadian Jacket & Bag Cream.

Hi have used Lexol and seems ok, the Saphir Renovateur is very expensive and don't know how well it would do in this application (especially with talk of it drying leather on the shoe care thread).

Anybody try these or have over recommendations for soft calf skin leather jackets?
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I've breathed new life into many a vintage leather jacket (steer and horsehide) with Obenauf's leather care products. Especially the LP, and leather oil.
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Thanks, I think I will give that and

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Saphir Creme Universal a try... Tks!

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I have always used 1909 lotion and saphir delicate cream on my balmain and saint Laurent lamb jackets and have no problems. Of course, always try on hidden spots to test first. Also, I wouldn't recommend using too much...just a light coating is fine.

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