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Palm pilots

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I am thinking of getting a Palm Pilot and was wondering if anyone had any recomendations. I need it to keep lists, agendas and to keep phone numbers. Nothing fancy, just a basic organizer which will allow me to travel lighter and generate less paper. Any recomendations?
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I LOVE my Palm Tungsten. It allows me to draft/edit Word documents, keep my date book, address, Vindigo (which in itself if worth buying a Palm www.vindigo.com), picture in PhotoShop, a MP3 player (thanks to www.realplayer.com), games (love Monopoly and Drug Wars), and about 40 other things. The Tungsten folds down into about 2 inches long, when not in use.
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Thanks GQL. I will look into it. Does it have handwriting recognition software installed?
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Since summer 01 I've had a Palm Vx. It has an attractive magnesium case. Compared to modern Palms it's bit longer than a slide-out Tungsten, only has a monochrome screen, has a little bit less memory, no slot for extra memory, no built-in phone like the Handspring Treos, and probably a slower chip. But because of the monochrome screen it also has a much longer battery life. Truth be told, I miss none of the new features Palm has added. To sync with a modern computer, I had to buy an aftermarket USB sync cable; it came with a bulky and annoying serial cable attached to a cradle. But that was the extent of my "problems". Because the Palm V-series (and the nearly identical m505) were the first "high end" non-plastic Palms (the Vx is faster and has 4x the RAM of the original V) and were hot for most of the pre-Rummy/Cheney boom years, bespoke accessoires are also all over the place, from techie stuff to cases. I love my Palm Keyboard, which is a fold-out keyboard with the layout and feel of lesser (i.e. non-Apple) laptop keyboards. One can find cases everywhere, from Coach to Mulberry to Hermes. (I liked the ostrich-skin Hermes case better than the calfskin Coach one, but the price different was something on the order of US$1200 vs. US$80, so I went with the Coach one. I hadn't seen the Mulberry one at the time, although on a price-interest ratio I like it best, probably.) If you don't want to spend a lot of money, perhaps something like an m505 (basically a Vx with a faster chip, memory slot, and colour screen) bought used from an early adopter type might suit you well. If want to combine your mobile communications needs into one product, there's the Handspring Treo and the (not PalmOS, but still quite nice) Danger, which I believe is called the "T-Mobile Sidekick" in the USA. Peace, JG
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I also have a Palm Vx. I rather like it as Joe G stated because of the styling, and the slimness. Also partly because one could purchase a designer case for it. Logo whore I was, I bought a Vuitton monogram case for it. Besides this it can hold many addresses, memos, and various other practical items. Albeit it is not colour or has a lot of gadgets it is still a nice, and rather chic product.
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