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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Has Christian Ponder made a deal with the devil? Or is he just the luckiest man alive? He is putting up some horrendous numbers that should get him benched. Instead, he has the Vikings at 8-6 and just married ESPN hottie Samantha Steele.

He's proving the maxim that it's a passing league. That is, unless you have Adrian Peterson.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Dez is a no-brainer as long as he's able to go. New Orleans' pass defense is really, really bad.
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Romo is killing it today. 400 yards and 4 tds.
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He's been such a knuckle head his whole career, but I gotta give Dez much of the credit for whatever success the Cowboys have achieved this season. Dude has finally put it together and found a way to consistently beat any coverage, even with a broken finger
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did not watch any games today yet. did houston sit starters or did they just get beat?
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Just got beat. Schaub looked awful and Ponder actually played halfway decent. The Texans had to win this game to lock up the #1 seed. Now they have to win next week or else there could be a potential 3 way tie for the #1 seed.
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oooooooooooh exciting!!!

thanks for the 411, much appreciated.
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The 'Niners getting mauled.angry.gif
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Well, to all those who have me advice thank you kindly. I am in the championship after absolutely mauling my opponent. My lineup was as follows:

Matt Ryan
CJ Spiller
Alfred Morris
Calvin Johnson
Dez Bryant
Tony Gonzalez
Marshawn Lynch
Shayne Graham
Bronco's D

Thanks again.
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yay broncos!!
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I guess being tested positive for drugs, fail mary, and the refs being on your dick helps Seattle win.
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Biggest regular season Redskins-Cowboys game since 1979 is on tap Sunday night. Any Boys fans want to take me up on an avatar bet?
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I lost my fantasy championship last night by 1.1 points. The biggest killer was losing carson palmer. If he were healthy I would have won. If SF doesn't give up a block kick return touchdown I win.

I have to say that I did think the refs were on Seattle's side last night. Thought the first, retired NFL refs have said that they normally reward the more aggressive team, it just sort of works out that way. Thought the second, the NFL was giving GB back a game.

After the fail mary I lean more towards the 2nd and that the NFL is devolving into the NBA. WIll be glad to be quit of it next year.
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stitch look who's in 1st place in the new power rankings


I'll be rooting for them if they make the super bowl
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