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Houston was gifted that touchdown. I thought the Cowboys would dominate this match.
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I bet jets vs patriots will be a low score game
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I was thinking it would be 59-14 for Patriots.
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Wow, the Jets are a pathetic football team. Almost as bad as the Eagles
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This is the team that beat the Rams handily last week. frown.gif
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Okay my prediction is getting close. That first missed field goal and couple of rushes on Brady were just initial jitters.
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lol@ kicking the field goal at the end of the half.
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That was quite the hit on Edelman. Damn.
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Originally Posted by fwiffo View Post

I was thinking it would be 59-14 for Patriots.

Your prediction is turning out to be pretty good right now at 49-12.
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so yesterday i resolved that I would no longer patronize the jets in anyway because of their attention whore for a coach which means last night was my last time to watch the Jets.

But then I realized my boycott won't last long because he's going to have to be fired at the end of this year.

And then I realized that really, he's the best option the Jets have, he knows exactly what the New York media loves, he wants the shitstorm so he plays off of them which helps the organization... so its a triumvirate of parasites feeding off each other's waste and growing unhealthier, yet happier by the day.

Also, Sanchez' Total QBR was like 22% last night. An average D-1 QB put straight into the the NFL would play better.
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Jets - Patriots game last night was first time I have literally laughed about the level of play by one team. Keystone Cops out there and I at one point almost felt bad for them. I did feel bad for their fans though. What a disaster, even Fireman Ed left at halftime and canceled his twitter account. WTF happened to Rex this year? He was telling everyone that would listen about this years team being the most talented one he has had. Less boasting and running his mouth and better coaching would be something to consider.
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Originally Posted by Left Hand View Post

RG3 is looking like the best QB in the NFC East, by far. Could the Redskins be the real deal? Never would've thought before this season that they'd have a shot to be a playoff team.

It helps that the NFC East is so depleted.

Bobby Three Sticks looks like the real deal. They're just going to have a tough time stocking the rest of their roster w/o the picks they gave up to get him.
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lol wut

And a further lol8[1].gif at the first url name.
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i have a feeling that wasn't the first time Sanchez got a faceful of ass lol8[1].gif
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