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nice comeback, now this is a decent game.
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Falcons need a score right now.
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Originally Posted by soxpats View Post

Falcons choking, 49ers getting worried about having to play Seahawks next week.

lol,its clear each time you post that you are just trying to imagine what may be best for NE in each step. any given sunday, any team could win it. dont assume that the team you think is worst would be easy fodder for NE.

to wit - new york football giants x 2.

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ooooh, this is interesting.
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Russell Wilson is one cool cat.
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game is so exciting bro! my nipples are erect!
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russell wilson is my hero. fuck matty ice
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First of all Patriots still have to play and win today as well as next week. That is by no means a given. If and that's a big if the Patriots get to SB it doesn't matter who they play, it only matters how well they play and the opposing team plays. Anyone that gets that far has a chance to win. I'm thrilled that they have a chance to compete and get into the play offs every year. Believe me I know that won't always be the case, and it wasn't for 20 years or so before TB and BB came along.
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is the seattle defense gonna pull a denver secondary and give up the offenses win?
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Falcons win.
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Damn there are some terrific young QB's in the NFL. Going to be fun to watch them for a long time.
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looks like they are. fucking pathetic.
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Haha holy shit

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Can he make the kick?????
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