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Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

I'm working off a similar playbook, with somewhat more of a bias towards odd jackets as this is more appropriate for my work place.
Already have:
French blue Lesser tropical suit
Slewfoot brown Fresco suit
Mid-weight mid gray, charcoal and navy PoW 3-piece suits
Two flannel suits, blue/gray spot effect and brown PoW
Dinner wear

Two tweed sport coats (stone Donegal, LL blue/brown windowpane)
Fawn houndstooth sport coat
Tan DB Fresco odd coat

On the way this year:
Blue herringbone sport coat
Charcoal SBPL suit with extra stroller trousers
LL RAF blue PoW suit, possibly DB
Olive check summer sports coat
Fox flannel RAF blue windowpane blazersuit.

I've held to solids on the the bespoke items so far and will add some patterns once I feel like I've got a good base to work with.

I do like the idea of having a stroller at some point. Are you going to wear the stroller during the work week or just for weddings, Easter and such?


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Most of my suits are solid (or with a solid pattern, such as herringbone). I've never left love for striped suits, with the exception of flannel.

I'll be wearing the stroller for my upcoming wedding, and probably for similar ceremonies in the future. Not a big churchgoer, though.
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Bumping this thread since it seems silly to start an entirely new "10 suit wardrobe" thread. I'm currently working out where I'd like my wardrobe to be approximately 18 months from now and wanted to get some thoughts on my proposed 10 suit wardrobe. I generally don't wear a suit to work, so these are things I'll wear out to social events, fundraisers, church, or sometimes a nice dinner, which is a major reason more stripes don't appear on the list.

I currently have (not including the black tie rig):

- Medium grey solid 2B SB (11 ounce worsted)
- Navy solid 2B SB (11 ounce worsted)

I'm thinking of adding (have bolded the ones I'm pretty sure about but still open to suggestions / criticisms):

- Medium grey flannel DB (probably Minnis flannel or equivalent)
- Navy flannel chalkstripe DB (probably Minnis flannel - I can't resist having a flannel chalkstripe suit)
- Charcoal 1B peak lapel SB (Lesser 13 or 16 ounce)
- Midnight navy DB in a 9-10 ounce wool, perhaps Mohair blend (this is intended for nights when I want to look as formal as possible without a tuxedo, lighter weight is because crowded rooms tend to get really warm)
- Charcoal solid 2B SB (11 ounce worsted)
- Light grey solid 2B SB (8-9 ounce Minnis fresco)
- Blue and white seersucker 2B SB
- Light tan 2B SB (linen)

The idea would be to have one particularly formal suit for evening events and then essentially have three cold weather suits, three mid-weight suits and three summer suits. I debated splitting the midnight navy DB into two suits, one for summer and one for winter, but don't really want to roast in an overheated room during the winter. I'm also debating whether I really need a third mid-weight suit, though I find they work well in temperatures where you just barely need a coat vs. the bitter cold. If I got rid of that, I would probably add another winter weight suit considering the typical weather in Chicago.
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Consider doing the mohair as a 3 piece SB then you can wear it as 2 piece in the summer and a 3 piece in the winter.

E.g. This is Ethan's Tonik.

Originally Posted by ethandesu View Post

Three Patterns

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All single breasted. Dislike DB's. Dislike checks, windowpanes


Navy worsted, solid
Navy worsted, pinstripe
Charcoal birdseye
Medium gray flannel, solid


Navy tropical or fresco wool, solid
AFB tropical or fresco wool, solid
Medium gray tropical or fresco wool, solid
Tan tropical wool or fresco wool, solid
Brown tropical or fresco wool, solid
Olive/bottle green tropical or fresco wool, solid
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I have an eclectic set of suits, largely because I don't work in a CBD-type environment, and all of which I wear. All jackets are wool, single-breasted, double-vented, and pants are flat-fronted, unless otherwise stated.



1. Heavyweight blue tweed 3-piece with overchecks - really too heavy to wear any time apart from winter.


2. Midweight RAF blue 3-piece - autumn to spring. Unvented DB jacket.


3. Midweight mid grey nailhead 3-piece - autumn to spring. Unvented jacket.


4. Midweight mid-grey worsted pinstripe - autumn to spring, but only worn occasionally these days. This one also has my only SV jacket and will go next time I have a cull.


5. Midweight blue-grey Glenurquhart worsted check - tends to be worn late winter to early summer


6. Midweight olive-brown Glenurquhart worsted check - midweight, mainly late summer to winter


7. Lightweight dark brown fresco-ish pinstripe - summer to autumn


8. Lightweight fine blue and white stripe cotton-linen - summer


9. Midweight black velvet cord - anytime / casual. Completely breaks every CM rule and I love it!



I currently have fabric for suits in: lightweight navy blue linen; midweight wool-cashmere blue herringbone; and a midweight brown tweed. I was going to try to get these made up this year while I was in Tokyo, but I was unable to bring it with me (for various reasons) - I might still be able to have some of the lengths sent to me. I was also only able to bring a limited selection of the above with me, and I am rarely in a sitation where I need a suit right now. It's also generally much warmer here than in Ontario, so I only have 5, 7 and 8 here.

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