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What style of jeans for men with short legs?

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Hi, I really need your help!


I am 5''4 and I am done growing and I need some jeans that will make me look good for college. I am skinny (my current jeans are 30'' and even they are too large for me, so I can probably fit 29'') and I am in great shape. Only problem is I got some short legs. I've done some researching and what I came up so far is:


Low rise

Straight/Slim fit

Dark colors


Am I going on the right path? Also, what brands should I buy? I am a big fan of 7FAM, but is this a good brand for short people like me? 


I greatly appreciate the help!!!

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#1 most important thing is to have them tailored to the right length with no break with the original hem at the bottom. You will look better if they just touch the top of your shoes and don't pool and drag on the floor. No different from dress trousers, although you might want a small break on those.
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I plan on bringing the jeans to get them professionally tailored. Thanks for the tip. Most of my jeans drag haha! 


What about style?


Do I go for slim or straight? 

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I'm 5'3" or so so I know where you're coming from.

Scurvy is right about the hemming and/or cuffing with no break, but that's just a matter of hemming.

Second most important thing after length is the rise; you need to find a jean with a rise of about 9" or less. I wear the following and they all fit the bill, all of which are dark wash, listed in order of skinniest to fullest leg:

APC Petit Standard (~9" rise, heavily tapered); Levis 511 Made in USA Selvage (~9" rise, light taper); Somet 003 (~8" rise, straight leg).

Any will fit the bill. Also consider "Unbranded" brand's skinny fit.

Good luck!
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And at your height its not a question of whether you go for slim or straight, but rather slim or skinny. And that in turn depends on your personal style (are you wearing sneakers or boots?) and your weight.
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Thanks for the new advice!


If I am very muscular and skinny/slender, can I pull skinny? I heard a lot of girls are put off by skinny... 

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What scurvy said. Plus, I recall a slight taper will create the appearance of a longer leg. At 5'4" what's your inseam? 24"? 25"?

Have you thought of elevator shoes, too? They're all the rage at America's top consultancies, like Bain. For career advancement. Worked for Mitt Romney. He's really only 5'3".
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Also, when measuring rise, do they measure from the middle line dividing the front part of the jeans from the back to the waist part of the jeans? 

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Again, I think that is really a question of what your overall style and surroundings are. What do you typically wear? How old are you? Where do you live?
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I am 19 and I usually wear t shirts/polos. My shoes are usually sneakers like converse, vans, or sperries

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I am 19, live in Boston. I always wear t shirts/polos and my shoes range from converse chuck taylors, vans, and sperries

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Then you'll be fine with skinny jeans. Get a well sized pair of APCs or Levis 511s and be on your way.

And rise is measured this way:
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What are some quality brands with very low rises? I measured all of my jeans and they are all about 9.5 inches blah... your suggestion of Somet is 8'' which is nice. Most of 7FAM is about 8.5. Do you know of any other quality brands that have low rises? 

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