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AE Verona vs. Cole Haan Air Aiden

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Anybody have either of these?  Is the AE version worth the extra $130?  





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The look (based on pics) is the same, AE Verona will be of better quality, but is also more expensive.
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Cole Haan's world HQ is near here and they used to make some pretty nice footwear.


Not so much since Nike took over; it feels like they've decided to turn their backs on higher end stuff and focus on crap for Gen Y/Z.

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Yea.  I've bought 2 pairs of their howland penny driving shoe loafers.  Both pairs have had the front toe bust open within 6 months.  Was hoping these are a little more sturdy.  I'm sure the AE's are nice (I have their stand oxfords that I love), but $325 seems steep for a pair of loafers.

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I picked up the Verona from AE on sale for 199.00 in Jan.

Great shoe really nice leather and construction.

Would I pay $325? Sure.
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Cheap leather shoe made overseas v. Quality construction made in US. Your choice.
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I think the Verona is made in Italy.
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Yea, the verona is made in Italy.  Paying $325 for the oxfords makes sense but for a loafer, seems a bit pricey. Trying them on this afternoon and make a decision. 

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I will offer that I had purchased (3) pair of Cole Hann's before I joined SF(post Nike) to add to my collection of (8) Allen Edmunds. Of course, I now own many more pair of SF "approved" shoes. With that in mind, the CH's have held up every bit as well, if not better, then most of the shoes I have. I am very impressed with their quality for an inexpensive shoe.

However, I have not purchased any CH's since and give all the option out there for just a bit more money, I don't think I would.

Just my .02 cents.
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