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Purple vest lining. Too much?

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So I'm getting a gray 3 piece suit and from what I've read here it's a good idea to match the back lining of the vest with the lining inside the jacket.


The suit isn't for work or anything and I like a loud lining so I was thinking perhaps a dark purple color. But then the back of the vest will have to be the same color too.


I probably won't wear it without the jacket as a default, but there will be times when maybe I'd like to take the jacket off and roll up my sleeves. Would this colored lining on the vest back look bad?


I also have the option to make the vest back the same fabric as the suit/vest. But I don't know if that's a good idea. Also, it's really hot here in Texas.


Here's an image I photoshopped as a reference. Thanks guys!




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I like it, but I like purple.
Definitely not CBD, but you don't sound concerned about that, so...
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I like it and in formal situations you will wear the jacket anyway.
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I usually prefer my vest back the same as the suit fabric, but also have a few vests with the back made from lining. Depends on the purpose.

The purple you pictured is awesome and very versatile with grays, olives, taupes, blacks. Certain blues/navy would be about the only colors I would avoid for purple lining.

The major point though is that Texas combined with vests/3 piece wouldn't make sense for me. Way too hot for that. In such cases the vest would be a separate and made from very light weight suiting including the back. This would never be worn with a jacket.

Seriously, I can't even imagine wearing anything more than a shirt in hot weather though. If you are always cold though go for it
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I'd say do it especially if it matches your choice for the suit lining. Not everyone will agree but it is something that will rarely be seen anyway.
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That's fine.
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I have almost that exact configuration, although my lining is more like a dark plum, maybe three shades darker? I love it.
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Thanks for all the input guys! fing02[1].gif

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It works. Go for it.
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