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Why are people so foolish as to believe that such cheap offers will lead to decent suits. You pay for what you get, in this instance not very much at all.
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I used to share an office with the owner of HOB.  It is, by the way, a side project when he wants a break from his HR company.


I had this great conversation:

Owner of HOB: "I also make suits, we take the measurements and have them made in China."

Me: "Oh, so made to measure?"

OH: "No, bespoke."

Me: "That's not what 'bespoke' means."

OH: "Sure it is.  Anyway, let me know if you want one."

Me: "If I ever want one, I will."

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I bought a suit through House of Bespoke using a Groupon I received as a gift. I was a bit skeptical of buying a suit without trying it on but the process was smooth and the suit fit very well. I took my measurements myself. I will use them again for my next suit.

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Pics please.
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Originally Posted by silkman View Post

Great - I'm also in the market for a few $300 bespoke suits. 

I would love to hear more opinions from users with postcount of less than 10 of how fantastic they are.


I was thinking the same but your joke would be way funnier if you hadn't barely cracked 20 posts yourself.
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There is no such thing as high quality $300 MTM suiting.

These types of shams are the perfect storm because the only customers are people who have no clue what they're doing, so they can't tell that the people making them also have no clue what they're doing.

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