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House of Bespoke Suits?

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Im seeing a deal for a $300 MTM suit from House of Bespoke. Does anyone have any past experiences with them? I was planning on heading to suitsupply later this week but this deal beats it price wise.

Yelp reviews, for what their worth give them 4.5/5 with 5 reviews

Thank You!
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Are you going to come back in a few weeks when it all went tits up?

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I was planning on buying my MTM suit from Indochino, but the groupon deal looks great for House of Bespoke. There's not as much information available on them, but the reviews I have found have been pretty positive. I think I'm going to go for the deal!


Let me know if anyone here has experience with House of Bespoke and/or can give some advice!

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I'm always suspicious of these things. Online suit companies, with anonymous email or webform contact only, usually with some kind of Groupon thing going on. They seem to turn up every few weeks on SF MC.....Harry Suits, Executive Tailors and now House of Bespoke.

Occasionally the posters/shills promoting them seem to get rather abusive when questioned or people express their doubts about them...

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but by the sounds of it, you have both never purchased a suit from these guys or have any desire to do so. That being said, I'm not sure why you feel the need to comment. To my knowledge, this is an opinion oriented site based on soemone's personal experiences. You seem to have a lot of opinions to speak of; however, all of which are based on ZERO EXPERIENCE! Not sure where someone like you finds the time to write such nonsense, and quite frankly it irritates me to even give you the satisfaction of responding. I felt the need to share my two cents because people like you need to understand that misleading comments, based on uncredited information is unecessary and A WASTE OF EVERYONES TIME! You would be more productive staring at drying paint as far as I'm concerned. " 
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The deal looks good though. I think Indochino had a deal like this in groupon as well a few years ago.

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This Groupon offer is legit and actually amazing for House of Bespoke!  I bought one of their $598 and I could not have been happier with the fabric quality and most important the fit.


I have actually done both House Of Bespoke and Indochino.   There is a significant difference.  I did House of Bespoke first and did the self measure process and was pretty nervous to see how it would come out.  (this was a gift from my wife so I had to try it)  Surprisingly it went very well.  I got the suit and had very few alterations which HOB paid for anyway.  All and all it was a great process  - I am buying this Groupon deal for sure.  (BTW – HOB’s customer services was amazing.  They responded to me in mins when I had a questions – I was impressed)


Now Indochino was a HUGE NIGHTWARE.  I will never buy from them again! 

My boss heard of a fitting show that Indochino was hold. In our city.  You go to this rented revenue and they actually send people to measure you.  At first I thought this was great until the person measuring me was basically a pretty face with no brain.  (She actually had no idea what she was doing.)  At one point I asked the “lead person” to help out because I remember measuring my self for House of Bespoke and what this woman was doing seemed off.  I asked her if she worked with Indochino and she said “I am a temp” worker and I am still in college.  The lady even wrote down the wrong numbers.  So I spent 30 mins re-measuring.  I was amazed!


That was bad enough – then I got the suit and the quality was Horrible.  I was expecting at least the same leave from the House of Bespoke suit and I was so disappointed.  I even went to their facebook page and left a review because I was so angry.


So from my experiences – they are not all the same.  House of Bespoke is what I recommend.  I hope this helps.

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"I'm always suspicious of these things. Online suit companies, with anonymous email or webform contact only, usually with some kind of Groupon thing going on. They seem to turn up every few weeks on SF MC.....Harry Suits, Executive Tailors and now House of Bespoke.



Send their customer service and email and see if they responded.  I know House of Bespoke has an office in New York and 1 in DC.  When I called their customer services was based out of New York.

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$300 MTM at the House of Bespoke.  Come on down!  We're blowing out all of our bespoke!  Thousands of items.....of bespoke.  It would make a great commercial, wouldn't it?  Super Bowl quality hilarity. 


The last time I was on a road trip, I was starving and it was the wee hours of the morning..  I got this egg muffin type thing from a gas station.  There was nothing else open for 10,000 miles. The muffin didn't kill me.  Actually it wasn't too bad at all.  It certainly wasn't Eggs Benedict Florentine.  It wasn't even the House of Pancakes - which may or may not share floor space with the House of Bespoke. 

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Originally Posted by af1snaikboi View Post

... a $300 MTM suit from House of Bespoke. ....

Isn't this just a contradictio in terminis?
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I ordered one when they were on groupon last time. My first suit actually was too short but I figured out that we measured wrong.  I measured right but typed in the wrong number into the website. House of Bespoke handled it though and after getting the measurements right in their system the suit was amazing.  I'm not a huge custom suit purchaser so I wouldn't call myself an expert but I definitely like the fabric, the feel, and the fit of the suit and shirt I got from House of Bespoke. 


I wore it quite a bit in November and got a lot of compliments.  This was nice because I'm not the "fittest" person so I was surprised that it made me look so good given someone didn't come out and measure me.


Anyway, long story short. It turned out great and I plan to order more from House of Bespoke.

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Great - I'm also in the market for a few $300 bespoke suits. 


I would love to hear more opinions from users with postcount of less than 10 of how fantastic they are.



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Ha, funny. Very true though.  I've posted 3 or 4 times, not sure why it still shows 1.  I actually found this forum while researching more tips on fashion. I would call myself someone interesting in learning more and still having a lot to learn about the nuances of what to wear.  As far as post count, one day I'll be up there with TheTukker.

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i agree with mikedt. so many things can go wrong when buying for suits online, especially when you aren't sure who the company you're dealing with is.


in any case, all the best. do let us know how things turn out eventually.

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I had an unfortunate experience with them. I purchase through groupon, whole process of sending and measuring, plus paid extra for expedite shipping.

Got the suit, and it didn't fit anywhere. The fabric was weak, and the suit looked hurried, at best. The shoulders were different heights, the pants were so tight I couldn't sit, and 3 inches to short ( like capris). I could go on. And yes, my measurements were taken professionally.

I tried contacting them, with no response for 2 weeks. Finally I snitched to groupon. HoB finally responded after 3 weeks. They asked me to pay the remainder of retail price, plus shipping, for a remake; added up, that's the same price I intially paid for the suit.

I wish you better luck than I had, but I found them to be difficult to contact, and dishonest. Never, ever, ever will I order from them again.
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I didn't order from them because their customer service is wretched.  I asked if they could send fabric swatches and offered to pay both for the samples and the shipping; no dice, and a half-coherent, aloof response.  My impression is that their target clients are frat boys who think that Vitale Barberis Canonico is the motto on their house door.

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