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Polyester is likely to look bad, no matter how well tailored and how good-looking the wearer is. Places like Target sell very cheap jackets that are made of natural fabrics, albeit many of those are made for thin young people.

What this chap said.  Natural fibres only.  There are no circumstances where a polyester blazer is a good look - no jacket rather than polyester jacket every time.

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Hi, quick update with a few more questions. 


It took me quite a bit longer than expected to collect/save up the money, but now I'm ready to make some purchases.


I've literally worn nothing but relaxed jeans (ugh), black/grey sneakers (ick), and a few polo shirts in the last few months. I'm ready to upgrade.


At first I wanted to get a blazer and wear dress shirts, but my ideas have changed significantly since then. Now I just want to have two pairs of trousers, a few polos, a nice belt, and two nice pair of shoes.


1. Trousers: 1 pair of Levi's jeans, kale or tumbled ridge and 1 pair of khaki chinos, silver or khaki

2. Polo shirts (JCPennies, Sears, thrift stores, etc.) They aren't expensive.

3. Nice belt

4. Nice pair of ankle boots for the jeans and another kind of shoe (maybe boatshoes or ofords?) for the khakis. I think simple brown lace up shoes look nice with khaki chinos but I'm not sure which are recommendable. I was looking at these or these for the khaki pants, but I think I'll look around at the nearby thrift stores to see about the ankle boot for the jeans. I'd much rather wear already worn and used ankle boots with jeans (like this or THIS). They look better imo.




1. Recommendation for shoes?

2. Any tips on combining ankle boots and jeans with polo shirts? 

3. Any tips on combining dark brown lace up shoes and khaki chinos with polo shirts?



Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by Gauss17 View Post

The outfit "template" we will call it, I have no problem with. Your listed examples however, could use some improvements.
1. For the Charcoal/Grey Blazer, I would go with a medium grey. It will give you more contrast between it and the jeans. That said, there isn't anything wrong with charcoal if you like it. As for your choices, you can simply do better. Buy a nice one and have it tailored. I am a big fan of Ebay for tailored clothing, just have it dry cleaned when you get it. The Buying & Selling section of this forum also works. If you must have new, try H&M.
2. A fitted dress shirt, great. Your color choice, less great. You will look like a wall of grey/charcoal with blue pants (Ok a wall of grey/charcoal with maybe some stripes). Go with a light colored shirt here. My first choice is always white. It is simple and always appropriate. It also looks great with jeans in my opinion. My second choice would be a lavender, as it will look good with grey. You might try Brooks Brothers or some of the J. Crew Thomas Mason offerings.
3. Do not buy jeans at men's wearhouse. The levi's you listed would be an excellent choice.
Stick to a darker shade of navy.
4. I have no problems with either of the belts you listed, but I like the second one better. It has fewer designs and such on it.
5. Here is where I would spend the most of your budget: Shoes. My first choice would be an Allen Edmonds Kenilworth "second" or on sale in the dark brown color:{keyword}&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=3DB8CAC7-5BB9-E011-8116-001517B1882A&origin=pla
If you can't find it on sale or afford it, you can try for a Allen Edmonds Provo on sale or "second"
(A second is a shoe from a manufacturer with a "defect", but as most will tell you, you can usually hardly tell. It is often an imperfect stitch or nick in the sole which don't matter)
Stick with shoes that are a dark or chocolate brown.


Listen to this guy. I didn't read most of his post, but it seems pretty solid, and I agree with the bits that I read.

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