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Blue Chinos

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I am putting together an outfit for a casual wedding in mid August. I'd like to wear a pair of slim fit blue chinos that I just bought. The shade is right between blue and navy blue. I was going to wear tan oxfords and maybe a red tie.

First off is it okay to wear a jacket or blazer with chinos?

Any suggestions on jacket color and shirt would be appreciated!
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Might get some backlash on the red tie around here, unless it's a subdued or darker colour.

I've pressed some navy chinos and paired them with a stone/cream cotton sport coat for a couple of weddings this summer, including an outdoor ceremony. Wore with a white tattersall/grid shirt, blue on blue tie and a complementary plaid pocket square. Sunglasses were tortoise shell.

I'd not want to go to a wedding without a coat of some kind, but it's up to you - sans coat I would opt for a bow-tie over a long one.
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Thanks! Did you match the blue to the blue pants?
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No, the pants were a dull navy cotton/linen blend. The tie was more of a mid blue - airforce with some texture and pattern. Pocket square had some lighter blue in the plaid. It was a pretty tight palette but I kept the blues varied to avoid being too matchy-matchy.
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