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Hi there.


I live in England and am having great difficulty in trying to obtain a SECONDHAND/USED pair of Brown Weston Loafers.   I know a guy in France who actually owns a pair and I asked him if I could buy them from him, but he said that they are his favourite shoes.   I can understand why.


Does anyone have a pair of used Westons that I could buy ?


Let's hope that you can help.


Best wishes from a rainy day in England.



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must it be 2nd hand ?

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Hi there.


Thanks for such a quick reply.   Yes, I would like shoes that have been worn in.

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Is it the cost of a new pair that is an issue for you? I would think you would be better off breaking them in yourself so that the shoe molds to your foot, not someone else's.

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Are you interested in used/worn Zimmerli undergarments?
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No thank you.

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ebay.fr will be your best friend here.

It's like Alden or Allen Edmonds on ebay.com or C&J on ebay.co.uk. I didn't look at it but you will very certainly have the deepest choice on the French website.

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