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Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant View Post

42% viscose (or over about 10% viscose) is unacceptable for situations such as standard interviews.
MTM for a beginner with limited funds almost definitely won't turn out well.

Thanks for the advice. Does this have to do with the shine on the suit?

Also - does this necessarily mean that the suit is 'bad quality.' I'm only familiar with wool. 

And when should I try out a MTM suit? 

Originally Posted by cosmic View Post

Avoid peak lapels (disqualifies it as a conservative interview suit), get twin vents, and avoid working cuffs unless the length is ideal (they are difficult to alter sleeve length on). Ignore brand. Try on a few dozen RTW, and pick the one that fits best. Read a book on how to judge fit and memorise this (or bring notes with you to the stores) e.g. Flusser's "Style and the Man" discusses this in the first few chapters. Concentrate on shoulders (should be straight, no big divots or lumps), length (must cover your behind, but not go much lower than that), and button position (around the belly button or a tad lower), these are hardest to alter. Waist/back can be tightened easily so don't worry about slim fit too much. Use the best alteration tailor you can find.


If you have the time and money, get 1-2 white MTM dress shirts for interviews. The improved fit and quality will make a noticeable difference to your look and comfort, for relatively little outlay. If you buy RTW shirts instead, start by getting your chest, neck, and sleeve length measured (but don't take this as gospel - sales staff are often clueless at this). Then, ask for sample shirts in your neck size and 3 different sleeve sizes near your measurements, try on as many fits (e.g. regular, slim, tailored) as they have, and see which fits best. Your sleeve should come down to the base of your thumb or a bit beyond, it's always better to have it a bit long then a bit short (too long can be shortened; but not vice versa) . Then get only one shirt from your chosen brand, make sure the sleeve length is a bit long (showing 1-1.5" of cuff beyond your jacket sleeves), then take it home and wash it 2-3 times so it finishes shrinking. Then try it on, if the sleeve is still too long, go back and get it shortened.


Once you have found a brand that fits best (or gone MTM, which is a lot better and easier/less hassle IMO), you can build up your shirt collection. Just remember for interviews you only really need 2 shirts. I'd rather get 2 quality MTM shirts that fit well, than 5 RTW shirts that don't. 

Thanks for the advice!

What MTM shirt company or RTW brand would you recommend? 

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Yes, the shine, which was presumed. Also presumed is that the quality of the suit (construction) is too low (although there probably are some decently-made high-priced designer suits with significant viscose content).

MTM for a beginner almost certainly won't be okay unless it's done by a professional who measures in person, and the budget in this case seems too low for that.

Also, an appropriate suit doesn't need to be double-vented. A single vent probably would be okay. Even unvented might be. Restrictions apply to certain body types.
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