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Suitsupply Jort - viable alternatives?

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I've lurked for a while and never started a thread before, so here it goes! Firstly, thank you all for sharing your knowledge and opinions. SF is proving to be an invaluable source of inspiration for somebody like me just learning how to dress properly.


My sister's wedding is on the 1st of September and I've left it late to get a suit sorted. I've been looking at the Suitsupply collection and having tried a few on, the Jort is the one which really takes my fancy. As this is only my second suit, and the first one that I may go on to wear in a business setting (my first suit is a plain black Paul Smith number that I use strictly for funerals and black tie) the styling is exactly what I'm looking for (i.e. straight (not hacking) hip pockets, no ticket pocket, notch lapels, etc.). I was just wondering if there are any other alternatives I should be looking at? The £700 price tag isn't necessarily what's making me baulk, though it is at the top end of what I'd like to spend, it's more the Super 150 fabric which I am to understand may not be the most durable? I'd like this to be a suit I can keep in my wardrobe to throw on for smart occasions for the foreseeable future, along with a navy suit which I'll look to add once funds allow it. I'm roughly 5'10" and weigh 72kg and the Jort in a 36R fits me like a dream straight off the rack (aside from the sleeves which need lengthening about 1.5cm), which also makes me think I should just take the plunge considering how close I am to the big day.


Also, carnation or pocket square? As I understand it it's slightly OTT to go with both?


Any thoughts or input greatly appreciated.

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Get the Jort. No better value than that.
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Thanks for the response, Timotune.


Sorry to resurrect this one, but before I pull the trigger tomorrow I have one more question - what's the max acceptable amount of material between sleeve end and first sleeve button? As I'm sure most of you are aware, SS suits have fully functioning sleeve buttons, and the only aspect of the 36R Jort that would need altering on me is to have the sleeves lengthened. Obviously this leaves the sleeve buttons a fair distance away from the actual sleeve end! How far is too far?




*EDIT* - Sorry, this probably belongs in the 'ask a question, get an answer' thread. Will try over there instead.

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I just want to say the "Jort" is probably the worst possible name for a suit imaginable.
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In terms of sleeve length, It is a matter taste, the modern standard is showing around 1/4inches, just a fine line of your shirt. However, it doesn't matter if your cuff isn't on show.

I believe their is an in house tailor that will take care of that if you want it shorten

If you located in London aera, have a look of the M&S £500 range, also very nice gamesnt and fully canvass with all the details. Fits lightly conservative

Same goes for TM Lewin White label
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Originally Posted by NormsR View Post

'Jort' is a Dutch Frisian name meaning strong and brave as a boar (a Germanic symbol of strength, courage and fertility). The suit is named after Jort Kelder. A Dutch controversial journalist.

In English, at least in American English, "jort" is short for "jeans shorts," perhaps the most reprehensible piece of clothing this side of crocs.

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That's bad indeed smile.gif. The Dutch Jort is pronounced as Yort like in yellow.

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