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All around tough dress shoes

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I've searched the forums for a thread on this but haven't really found one.

I'm looking for a good all around dress shoe. I work as a pilot so it must be black, rubber soled, and not too fancy (we're generally the conservatively dressed types). It will be worn to walk to the train in all kinds of weather, on the ramp in snow and on fuel and deice spills. In addition to being suitable for the uniform, it must go with jeans as nobody carries spare shoes except running shoes. And of course, it should last. If anybody has any recommendations, I would be greatly appreciative.
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I recommend Mephisto (Goodyear welted) or Paraboot. Mephisto is more common and readily available.

Mephisto/ good leather, rubber sole, sturdy.
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Please do not keep opening threads with one quick question; almost nobody will reply because this type of question is asked every day by people who cannot be bothered to use the search box.  In addition, there is a thread for these questions:


You should also read the recently created primer on clothing, below is the link to the shoes section:


I think you might be looking for something similar to the Allen Edmonds (AE) for Brooks Brothers (BB)  shoes


This forum will recommend AE, Alden, and many more expensive European and English brands, all of which can be resoled with a wide variety of soles.  You might be interested in Dainite soles.  Crockett and Jones (CJ) makes a variety of shoes with this type of sole, as does Meermin, which is a lower cost option that has become quite popular on SF.

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Thank you for the links, my apologies, didn't mean to break board etiquette.
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