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Care for oiled leather?

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Is there a proper way? I know it's supposed to be the lowest maintenance leather, but beyond that, I'm not sure what I'm actually supposed to do. Should I ever use conditoner on it? Cream? Assumably no polish, but should I use an oil in its place? Any help would be appreciated.
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What kind of leather are we talking about? Shoes, a journal, a bag, a baseball glove?
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Yeah, should've mentioned that. Pair of boots.
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I just oiled my 875's with obenauf's an hour ago. Right now it's only darker.
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Red Wing stores sell an oil meant for that type of boot. I'm sure shoe shops have something similar.
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Saddle soap will clean them, mink oil will waterproof them. Not much else you need to do.

J, please return my post count to 666. Much obliged.
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If it's boots, I guess you could use a shoe horn to slip your feet in them. A shoe tree to help keep their shape. Wipe with a damp cloth when it gets grimy so the dirt particles don't start abrading the leather.

You know what to do, you've most likely trolled around the other sf and miz's "shoes that look better..." thread.
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Yeah, I have, and yeah, I kind of had an idea of what to do. But I've also seen a lot of conflicting information (use neatsfoot; don't use neatsfoot; use conditioner; use mink oil; stick them down your pants for sexy-time), and it gets frustrating. I don't think trees are even an option with work boots (or at least I've never seen any trees that would reasonably resemble a work boot last). If there are, though, I'm certainly curious.
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I've never bothered to tree work boots, but generally the hinged/split ones can be wrangled in there to stretch them a bit as they dry out. A major function of trees is actually to straighten out the sole so that it dries flat instead of curling up. Curled up soles -> wrinkled uppers. Whether the upper is filled up is a separate issue.

And IME, unless the soles are leather or the upper is thin, it's probably not worth the hassle. I did tree my Docs for a long time just to get them to stretch a little, though.
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